And your PC, does it make coffee? Yes he can

It’s not just a computer, it’s a computer that also makes coffee! With this project, you’ll never have to worry about making coffee in the morning again. Simply put coffee beans in the built-in grinder, place a cup under the dispenser and let the machine do the rest.

Source: Nerdforge

Yet another useless project Nerdforge. This time, they decided to create a coffee machine integrated into a PC. Because, you know, when someone says to you: “And your thing, does it make coffee?” ”, we can answer yes.

It’s beautiful and functional

To successfully create this machine, they had to choose the biggest PC case they could find. They started by researching the different coffee machines available on the market, but apparently none of them met their demanding geek needs. So, they decided to take a standard coffee machine and modify it to work with an Arduino.

Source: Nerdforge

Then they had to make major modifications to the PC case to fit the coffee machine into it. They had to cut metal, which apparently isn’t their favorite activity, but hey, you have to suffer to be a true geek. They also had to cut holes for pipes and cables, and create brackets to hold the coffee machine in place, all with a 3D printer and a little DIY.

Source: Nerdforge

But that’s not all ! They also had to ensure that the coffee machine worked perfectly with the Arduino, which was no easy task. They had to do repeated testing to make sure the coffee machine turned on and off at the right time, and didn’t overflow and flood the PC. They also had to add an ultrasonic sensor to detect if a cup is present, otherwise the machine won’t work.

Source: Nerdforge

And of course, they had to add LEDs and other aesthetic elements to make the whole thing look cool. Because, you know, looks are all that matters in a DIY project. They even added a small plant to give a touch of greenery to the whole thing.

In the end, they managed to create a coffee machine integrated into a PC that works perfectly.

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