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Are you tired of dealing with mosquitoes? In this article, discover a simple tip that allows you to effectively repel them.

THE mosquitoes continue to invite themselves into our homes. So in this article, discover a very good tip that allows you to eradicate them throughout the summer.

The mosquitoes are back

In this new season, the critters are showing up. Bees forage from flower to flower, and butterflies do their best dance. However, the Asian hornets are out.

They represent a real threat to farmers. Another pest that never ceases to annoy the French: mosquitoes. They invite themselves into our homes to bite us.

Enough to ruin a day or even an evening in the garden. Many people are wary of them, because these insects can carry disease and transmit viruses to humans.

Like chikungunya for example, which is present in Africa, Asia and the Indian subcontinent. There is also dengue, Zika, yellow fever. As well as malaria and West Nile fever.

THE mosquitoes are unbearable, because their stings hurt very much. They cause itching and redness for several days. Some people may even have allergies to these spots.

When pimples itch, they become painful and can also triple in size. So it’s better to know the techniques to get rid of it naturally.

For example, there are blinds and mosquito nets which are essential to block their entry. There are also additional products, like citronella candles for example.

There are also insecticides to use sparingly. Because they can cause allergies. They are also very bad for dogs and cats. Rest assured, there are homemade tips to overcome mosquitoes annoying.

A powerful tip that protects you

To put an end to the mosquitoes, you can prepare your own cocktail. To do this, you will just need an orange and some cloves which contain eugenol.

It is one of the main substances used to create insecticides. Then, you must also use a candle wick to prepare your confection. It’s up to you to choose the quantity that will change the intensity of the aroma, and therefore its effectiveness.

Now, here’s how to prepare this natural repellent as it should be! First, wash your orange well and cut it in half. Then, insert cloves inside.

You can add at least some to make the composition more effective. It is better to place several, as this will be much more effective.

After placing the cloves in the orange, add the piece of straw in the center. And light the wick and let it work. When the fire is extinguished, it will begin to produce an unpleasant odor for mosquitoes.

In fact, they hate the smell given off by this composition. This way, mosquitoes won’t even dare to enter your home. It is therefore a natural repellent which is of great use.

The idea is to place these oranges with cloves in different places in your home. You can also place them outside to put an end to these mosquitoes in summer.

To avoid welcoming them at home, there are several tips to follow. For example, empty all standing water in the home. Because it attracts them. They like to lay their eggs in a simple puddle of water


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