TopSpin 2K25: a lawyer launches legal action for deception, 2K in danger? | Xbox

TopSpin 2K25: a lawyer launches legal action for deception, 2K in danger? | Xbox
TopSpin 2K25: a lawyer launches legal action for deception, 2K in danger? | Xbox

The launch of TopSpin 2K25 is not really happening in the best way possible. While server problems occurred several evenings in a row, 2K Games’ policy regarding access to its game is also being singled out. A lawyer decided to take up the subject in order to launch legal action.

Mandatory connection for TopSpin 2K25 is problematic

We highlighted it in our TopSpin 2K25 test, the return of the license is excellent news, but it is somewhat tarnished by a compulsory connection to enjoy a good part of the career. The direct consequence is that it becomes very difficult to play the game when the 2K Games servers are crashed, as has happened several times in recent days.

But there is another point which raises a certain indignation, that of the closure of the game’s servers. Indeed, 2K Games authorizes itself to cut off the servers of Top Spin 2K25 in December 2026, which the publisher has the habit of doing for years with its NBA 2K franchise in order to encourage players to buy the new opus.

The problem is that the shutdown of the servers will make a large part of the career mode unavailable, especially since 2K Games had initially indicated that the career would be accessible offline, before modifying this detail after the launch of the game.

a lawyer wants to attack 2K Games via a class action

These various problems have been raised by players since the game’s release and lawyer Floris Vulto, from the Helder Advocatuur firm, decided to look into the problem in order to defend the players.

My name is Floris Vulto and I am a registered lawyer working at Helder Advocatuur in The Hague, Netherlands. I am speaking to people who purchased the game Top Spin 2K25, developed by 2K, and who encountered problems with this game.

He emphasizes that “many users reported that Top Spin 2K25 did not work as advertised, particularly that the single-player mode did not work offline despite expectations” and that 2K Games has not clearly indicated that the game’s servers should close at the end of 2026.

In response to these issues, I am organizing a European class action lawsuit seeking reimbursement for all affected players and possibly other forms of compensation. Our goal is to hold developers accountable for false advertising and ensure consumers are not disadvantaged.

If you would like to join this legal action, I invite you to complete the following form, where you can register your interest and provide details about your experience with the game. This information will help us organize the legal action and determine the best course of action.

For the moment, 2K Games has not reacted publicly to feedback from players on these various problems. Floris Vulto invites those who wish to actively participate in the legal action to fill out the form and contact him on Reddit. It remains to be seen whether 2K Games will really be in danger from such an action since the publisher has a history of doing the same thing with the famous NBA 2K franchise for many years.



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