With its PS3-worthy graphics, this The Walking Dead game is a disgrace


Did you know ? A new The Walking Dead video game was released in November. But it is better to keep quiet about its existence, as it seems catastrophic.

The saga The Walking Dead has been around for years. It first took the form of graphic novels before bursting onto television thanks to the eponymous series. If it ended after eleven seasons, the zombies are not about to retire any time soon. Spin-offs are planned or in the process of being broadcast – like the one about Daryl which takes place in Paris. On the video game side, The Walking Dead experienced varying fortunes. We think strongly of the excellent adaptation by Telltale Games. But when we look at images and videos of The Walking Dead: Destinywe want to go very far.

You haven’t heard of The Walking Dead: Destiny ? However, it was released on November 17, 2023 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch. Given the popularity of the undead and the franchise, it should have been an end-of-year event. Failure: the game, developed by Flux Games and published by GameMill Entertainment, is so ridiculous that it would be better to hide it. On Metacritic, it currently has an average of 3.5 out of 10, which sets the tone.

Rick, but passed under a train. // Source: GameMill Entertainment

The Walking Dead: Destiny is not a good advertisement for the TV series

On paper, The Walking Dead: Destiny is based on an idea that is far from uninteresting. The game takes up the events of the series and invites us to reshape them by making strong decisions. “ Change the story of the AMC series by following your own path through the defining events of The Walking Dead. Save the monster, kill the hero… And learn to live with the consequences », Promise the developers. You can play thirteen characters (Rick, Shane, Daryl, Michonne, etc.) in a mix between survival, action and infiltration.

The promise is there, but the execution is hard to see. Watching gameplay videos, we realize that The Walking Dead: Destiny is a sloppy game. Even the launch trailer is not appealing: we discover graphics barely worthy of the PS3 era, serving sequences that we have already seen a thousand times elsewhere. And, technically, we are far from today’s standards. Despite its questionable visual fidelity, The Walking Dead: Destiny is plagued by slowdowns which betray a lack of care (or means?). For an AMC branded product, this is a stain.

Do you find us too harsh? Admire this wonderful boss fight published by the MKIceAndFire YouTube channel. We witness a radical change in the events of the series: in the shoes of Shane, we confront and kill Rick. Nothing is going right, between the abysmally poor gameplay (how many bullets do you need to kill your opponent?), the environments modeled with the bare minimum, the bugs in the soundtrack… All these crippling flaws make you want to restart the game. series, at least the first episodes.


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GameMill Entertainment is not its first disaster this year. A few weeks ago, the company launched Skull Island: Rise of Kong, an adventure featuring the immense gorilla King Kong who must take revenge on his parents. We played there for one evening and we’re still struggling to get over it so much https://twitter.com/RickDaSquirrel/status/1714014780346806395. She has extenuating circumstances, as revealed by The Verge in an article published in October – where we learn that Skull Island: Rise of Kong was developed in one year with very little budget. When we see what it looks like The Walking Dead: Destinywe say to ourselves that history has repeated itself.

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