The best Sidewinder class in MW3: accessories, perks, equipment

The best Sidewinder class in MW3: accessories, perks, equipment
The best Sidewinder class in MW3: accessories, perks, equipment

The Sidewinder is a combat rifle in Modern Warfare 3. Discover the accessories, perks and equipment of its best class.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 offers a wide range of weapons, and it must be admitted that certain assault rifles, submachine guns, snipers or even combat rifles are clearly a notch below in terms of performance… and the Sidewinder is one of them .

If this combat rifle will probably never be top meta, that should not prevent you from giving it a chance, to unlock camos or simply because you like this weapon.

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Before heading to the front, discover the best Sidewinder class, with the accessories, assets and equipment that will allow you to make your combat rifle as powerful as possible.



The best Sidewinder class in Modern Warfare 3

The best Sidewinder accessories

  • Mouth : Boron-490
  • Canon: Tempus Predator Sniper Cannon
  • Cannon accessory: Bruen Heavy Support Handle
  • Telescope : MK.3 reflector
  • Rear handle: RB Borealis handle

The Sidewinder seriously lacks the precision to stand out against its competitors. This is why this class aims to drastically increase precision, even if it means losing mobility.

The Bore-490 Cannon, the Bruen Heavy Support Grip and the RB Borealis Grip all have the same goal of making the Sidewinder more precise and stable
The Tempus Predator Precision Cannon will improve bullet velocity, to increase the effectiveness of the combat rifle at medium and long range.

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Finally, the Reflector MK.3 is an effective and very popular scope, but you can choose another option according to your preferences.

The best features and equipment with the Sidewinder

  • Vest : Overarming Vest
  • Gloves : Sniper Gloves
  • Boots : Cover shoes
  • Equipment : Anti-detection camouflage
  • Tactics: Flash Grenade
  • Deadly : Semtex

Since this Sidewinder class is not very mobile, we recommend the Overarming Vest, in order to at least be able to reload during the sprint.

Sniper gloves fit perfectly into this objective of maximizing the precision of the rifle.


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Cover Shoes and Anti-Detection Camouflage will help you move more discreetly around the map, eliminating your footsteps and making you invisible to radars.

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Finally, we recommend the duo of Genade flash and Semtex explosives, whose effectiveness and versatility has already proven itself.

How to unlock the Sidewinder in MW3

To unlock the Sidewinder in MW3, you need to reach level 25 and complete 8 Daily Challenges.

The best alternatives to Sidewinder in MW3

If you are looking for an alternative to the Sidewinder, precise and effective at long distance, we recommend the essential MCW.

This assault rifle clearly doesn’t have the best TTK in Modern Warfare 3, but it is extremely accurate and maneuverable, making it one of the easiest weapons to pick up.

To make the most of the new Call of Duty opus, find our selection of Modern Warfare 3 guides:

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