The list of passwords most used by the French is revealed


Imagine a world where many locks are all unlocked with the same key. That doesn’t make sense, does it? And yet, this is what shows us NordPass today in his investigation. The latter reveals an alarming trend among Internet users around the world to reuse the same passwords, password combinations that are obvious and easily found by hackers.

We are currently in a period of transition regarding methods of connecting online. Access keys and two-factor authentication are becoming more and more widespread, and this survey of NordPass shows us today how urgent it was to update connection techniques in view of the recklessness shown by some Internet users.

For the fifth consecutive year, NordPass provides us with precise information thanks to its study, allowing us in particular to see which passwords are used the most depending on the type of service (video games, mailbox, social networks, streaming platform, etc.). But above all, the survey allows us to see which ones are the most popular in different countries around the world. Let’s see today what choices do our compatriots make on this point.

In France, the big winner is…

A good portion of our fellow French citizens do not seem very concerned about choosing a secure password. The three most used in France are indeed very unreliable, and NordPass tells us that these can be deciphered by pirates in less than a second. This is the combination “ 123456 » which occupies first place, followed closely by “ 12345679 “, then by ” azerty “.

Additionally, out of the 20 most popular passwords in France, only four cannot be hacked in a second or less. However, these don’t seem very secure either. So, ” azertyuiop » is 6th and would be hackable in less than a minute, « horse » is positioned in 16th place and would take less than two minutes to decipher.

The most difficult to find for pirates are “ password » which requires 14 hours to be discovered, and “ marseille » which is the winner of the password most difficult to crack by cybercriminals, with an average duration of one day to decrypt it.


French ranking


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