Le Puy-en-Velay: 200 students welcomed by the PolarPODibus in connection with Jean-Louis Étienne’s Polar POD expedition


Due to its E3D level 3 label (establishment with a global sustainable development approach), the La Fayette college in Puy-en-Velay was chosen to host the PolarPODIBUS this month of November.

The PolarPODibus is a vehicle with on-board scientific equipment, intended to offer school audiences educational mediation around the Polar POD expedition, organized by the explorer Jean-Louis Étienne, whose objective is to better understand the Southern Ocean and the middle of Antarctica. He travels all over France and will stop again on September 20, Monday at the Jean-Monnet college in Yssingeaux.


The activities offered allowed 6th and 5th grade students (i.e. 112 students) to be made aware of the various issues of the expedition linked to physics, SVT, technology, etc.

The activities took place in a physics room of the college to the delight of the four public primary schools (Guitard, Jeanne-d’Arc, Michelet and Marcel-Pagnol, i.e. 90 students) also registered on this system initiated by the rectorate of Clermont-Ferrand and managed by the Haute-Loire academic inspection.

Beyond the direct interest of the experiments linked to the subjects taught, 200 students and their teachers were able to talk about exploration, discovery, the future and commitment. What professions, what career paths… and everyone will follow with interest the finalization of the preparation of the expedition and its departure planned for 2025.



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