Small budget: 7 items for which we advise you not to break the bank

Small budget: 7 items for which we advise you not to break the bank
Small budget: 7 items for which we advise you not to break the bank

However, there are many ways to add a personalized touch to store-bought blinds. If windows permit, Tara McCauley suggests ordering interior bamboo blinds for a “instant custom made”. Speaking of tailor-made, choosing the right dimensions can be a game-changer. “I recently ordered Pottery Barn curtains for a customer, then had a seamstress hem them to the right length and sew high-end details around the edges, she indicates. By opting for “semi-custom”, my client saved at least 1,000 euros on this pair of curtains. »

High-tech accessories

These days, technology trends are evolving faster than you can say “Hey Siri,” and this is exactly why Noz Nozawa hesitates to integrate overly technical accessories into his projects. “At this rate, we’ll be at USB-Z in 2026 (or maybe not). I think it’s best not to go overboard with anything that has a USB-A, C or other port,” continues the designer based in San Francisco. Although furniture and lamps with built-in USB ports are very convenient, they will inevitably be replaced at one point or another. Noz Nozawa’s advice? “Prefer objects with standard power outlets. »

Furniture hardware

The devil may be in the detail, but these little touches shouldn’t wreak havoc on your budget. When working on bathrooms and kitchens, Hema Persad of Sagrada Studio prefers to save money on furniture hardware. “It’s an element that has a considerable visual impact on your cabinets, so changing it allows you to breathe new life into the space, she indicates. I opt for affordable models so that I don’t commit too much to one style and can easily replace them in a few years. »

Hema Persad likes the Etsy platform to find furniture knobs and handles, but she also often browses the sales of major brands like Anthropologie, CB2 and Rejuvenation: “For these accessories, they offer unique options at affordable prices. »


Are you looking to breathe some life into the space by adding some vegetation? Clara Jung of Banner Day Interiors says it’s best to look at the most economical options. “You can collect plants from friends, family members or simply by asking around, she explains. In fact, certain sites list plant donations in your neighborhood. » It is also not necessary to spend a lot of money on planters: second-hand decoration stores are full of ceramic objects at knockdown prices. However, Clara Jung admits certain exceptions: “If there’s a ceramic artist you particularly like, it’s worth investing. »

Some furniture, but not all

We tend to believe that furniture should be one of the main expenses but, for Constanza Collarte, not all furniture is created equal. Starting with the dining room tables, for which the director of Collarte Interiors is not one to splurge. “The design elements of a table are often hidden by the legs of the chairs, she explains. Given the many aesthetic alternatives at reasonable prices available to us, I prefer to direct my spending towards beautiful vintage chairs. »

But why stop there? Constanza Collarte also thinks twice before spending her clients’ money on an extravagant sofa. “Sumptuous and plush sofas, especially if there are several of them, can blow up budgets, she continues. There are excellent sellers who offer unique designs at lower prices. » She cites Maiden Home among her favorites. You need to be able to enjoy your sofa, and an expensive model made from too precious a material will cause unnecessary stress at the slightest sign of wear. And of course, this anxiety will only get worse if the client has children or pets, or if they entertain often. Instead, look for a budget-friendly sofa made from a durable material. Also count on the halo effect of surrounding objects, explains the architect: “Combined with a stone coffee table, superb armchairs and sculptural lamps, these sofas are magnified. »

Article originally published in AD Pro.



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