Hoffmann Green Signs Major US Licensing Agreement

Hoffmann Green Signs Major US Licensing Agreement
Hoffmann Green Signs Major US Licensing Agreement

Entry fees of 20 million euros, including 2 million euros guaranteed Business model including entry fees, royalties and the sale of Hoffmann premix

Regulatory News:

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies (ISIN: FR0013451044, Ticker: ALHGR) (“Hoffmann Green Cement”), an industrial player committed to the decarbonization of the construction sector that designs and markets innovative clinker-free cements, announces the signing of a 30-year structuring licensing agreement in the United States.

An exclusive 30-year licensing agreement with a well-established partner in the United States to benefit from Hoffmann Green’s 0% clinker technologies and replicate Hoffmann units on the vertical model of the H2 production unit

After a series of conclusive tests and several months of discussion, Hoffmann Green has entered into a licensing agreement with Hoffmann Green USA, whose shareholders are Olivier Ducimetière-Monod and his partner Francis Beauvallet. Olivier Ducimetière-Monod, established in the United States since 1988, is a successful entrepreneur in construction and real estate development. With over 35 years of experience in the sector, Olivier Ducimetière-Monod has a solid network in the American political and economic ecosystem as well as valuable expertise to support Hoffmann’s development throughout the United States. Francis Beauvallet, Chairman and CEO of Beauvallet Construction, a major player in the monument restoration and financial engineering sector in France, will also bring his complementary expertise to the deployment of the Hoffmann model in the United States.

In exchange for the industrial and technological transfer as well as exclusivity in the first American states, Hoffmann Green will receive an initial entry fee of €2 million as well as fixed and variable annual royalties based on the turnover generated by the marketing of Hoffmann cements. This contract also offers the partner the possibility of sublicensing Hoffmann units in the targeted states. This option represents an additional growth lever for Hoffmann, allowing it to generate more royalties and extend the sale of its premixes to sublicensees. Negotiations with leading sublicensees are already underway. This licensing agreement reaffirms the interest of international partners in Hoffmann Green’s innovative solution as well as the viability of its international development model.

The contract concluded with the partner also provides for the possibility, until 2025, of extending the license to all American states for a total entry fee of €20 million.

Supporting the energy transition of the growth sector of construction in the United States through the establishment of several vertical plants producing Hoffmann Green cement

As part of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), a major $370 billion investment plan adopted in the United States in 2022 to combine reindustrialization and energy transition over a decade, the United States has made reducing greenhouse gas emissions a strategic priority. This plan aims to reduce emissions by 50% by 2030 compared to 2005 levels, which places the energy transition at the heart of economic development, particularly in the construction sector which is currently in a very dynamic phase. Through this strategic partnership and the establishment of Hoffmann factories in the United States, Hoffmann Green and its partner provide an innovative solution to promote sustainable construction, thus supporting the decarbonization of the construction sector in the United States and accelerating their transition to carbon neutrality.

Julien BLANCHARD and David HOFFMANN, co-founders of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, declare: “The signing of this major licensing agreement in the USA concretizes the pre-agreement announced at the end of last year. We are delighted to join forces with two partners who share our vision of the construction sector and who have both great expertise and in-depth knowledge of the local ecosystem. Following the licensing agreement signed in 2023 in Saudi Arabia, this step strengthens our international development strategy in two key states in the American construction sector, with the possibility of extending this contract to the entire territory by 2025. We thank our partner for their trust and are delighted with this new licensing agreement which will contribute to the decarbonization of the very dynamic construction sector in the United States. The implementation of our plants and the marketing of our 0% clinker cement will play a crucial role in this transition.”

Olivier Ducimetière-Monod, a successful entrepreneur in construction and real estate development in the United States and co-partner of Hoffmann Green USA, explains: “As part of the Inflation Reduction Act to finance the United States’ energy transition, we are excited to partner with Hoffmann Green to support the decarbonization of buildings and the promotion of sustainable practices for future American construction projects. This licensing agreement is just the first step and precedes the construction of Hoffmann plants throughout the United States.”

Francis Beauvallet, CEO of Beauvallet Construction and co-partner of Hoffmann Green USA, concludes: “The signing of this contract symbolizes a structuring Franco-American collaboration aimed at promoting innovative and sustainable solutions to decarbonize the construction sector in the United States. With our expertise in construction and real estate development in the United States, we are committed to promoting and developing Hoffmann plants and their 0% clinker cement throughout the United States.”


Founded in 2014 and based in Bournezeau in Vendée, Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies designs, produces and markets innovative, highly decarbonized cements, with a carbon footprint divided by 5 compared to traditional cements, which present, at equivalent dosage and without any modification to the concrete manufacturing process, superior performance to traditional cement.

Hoffmann Green has two production units powered by a solar tracker park on the Bournezeau site: a 4.0 plant and H2, the world’s first vertical cement plant, which was inaugurated in May 2023. A third plant will open in the large port of Dunkirk in 2024-2025 to increase total production capacity to 550,000 tonnes per year, or 3% of the French market. The group has industrialized a real technological breakthrough based on the modification of the composition of cement and the creation of a cold manufacturing process, 0% clinker and with low energy consumption, which make it a leading and unique player in the cement market, which has not changed for 200 years.

In a context of climate emergency and inflation of energy prices, Hoffmann Green Cement is therefore actively participating in the energy transition by producing a clean cement that consumes 10 to 15 times less energy than Portland cement, as well as by working for eco-responsible constructions and by promoting the circular economy and the preservation of natural resources. Thanks to its unrivaled and constantly evolving technological know-how, supported by high-performance teams, Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies addresses all markets in the construction sector both in France and internationally.

Hoffmann Green joined the 2022 class of 20 French green nuggets as part of the French Tech Green20 program, led by the French Tech Mission, in partnership with the Ministry of Ecological Transition. In June 2023, the company was selected in French Tech 2030, an ambitious new support program operated by the French Tech Mission alongside the General Secretariat for Investment (SGPI) and Bpifrance.

The company is continuing its international development with the signing of contracts in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland and recently in Saudi Arabia.

For more information : www.ciments-hoffmann.fr/


Olivier Ducimetière-Monod, born in Paris, moved to Florida in 1988. In 1990, he became a shareholder and President of Anchor Realty & Mortgage Co., a company operating in the construction and real estate development sector, which he successfully developed. He also founded Anchor Vacation Properties, with a portfolio of over 400 beach houses.

In 2001, he obtained the Commercial Real Estate specialist (CCIM) designation, which reflects his experience, career and expertise in the field of construction and real estate development.

An American citizen since the 1990s and with over 35 years of experience in the construction and real estate development sector, Olivier Ducimetière-Monod has developed a network that is firmly anchored in the American political, social and economic fabric.


Francis Beauvallet is a civil engineer. At the age of 22, he took over the family business and reoriented it towards the restoration of Historic Monuments. Under his leadership, the company experienced rapid growth, participating in prestigious projects, such as the Hôtel Dieu in Troyes. In 1997, he supervised the restoration of the Cayenne Cathedral and the Saint Laurent du Maroni penal colony, extending his work to all of Guyana.

After 32 years, he sold his group and bought a financial engineering firm in Paris, traveling the world to take care of major accounts. Back in Troyes, he launched into real estate development and the restoration of historic houses.

In 2023, with the strength of his American networks in construction and finance, built throughout his career, and driven by his passion for innovation in the construction sector, he joined forces with Olivier Ducimetière-Monod to develop the Hoffmann Green license in the United States.

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