Alessio Tacchinardi discusses the latest changes at Juventus |

Alessio Tacchinardi discusses the latest changes at Juventus |
Alessio Tacchinardi discusses the latest changes at Juventus |

A lot of changes have been happening at Juventus recently. Thiago Motta has arrived, and new players have been signed. Mirko Di Natale, from the TuttoJuve team, spoke about this with Alessio Tacchinardi, the former Bianconero midfielder.

The start of the Juventus transfer window:

« The strategies seem to me to be well laid out, also because the club knows what it has to do. Giuntoli is someone who does little acting and a lot of facts: he knew from the beginning who to take as coach – he is one of the best in the last Serie A -, he manages to make the market with the budget he has and my feeling is that there will be, unfortunately, very painful choices that we will have to face. The director, calmly, has clear ideas, as does Thiago Motta; Juve, among the big Italian clubs, is the one that intrigues me most in this regard. He must not be afraid of winning the Scudetto, but of building a new cycle. I always expect fireworks. »

The possible sale of Federico Chiesa:

« The important thing is to have clear ideas about what we can do with Chiesa, because tactically he can’t play as a second striker and he struggles on the right side. The difficulties seem quite objective to me, especially because he suffers from a great discontinuity and he can’t play good matches throughout the year. If it were up to me, I would keep him, but the fans are more interested in understanding what the new project will be. I always say that players come and go and Juve stays, it’s surely a painful choice but with Koopmeiners and Sancho everything is more digestible. »

Does Cristiano Giuntoli remind Luciano Moggi in his way of working?

« Moggi is a bit more exuberant in terms of character, more Gascon and funnier about some things. I don’t know the current Juve director personally, but in interviews he seems colder and very hard. Both speak little and prefer facts, I think that’s a common point between the two. And Giuntoli, as a style, goes very well with that of Juventus. »

How to build Juventus’ new midfield?

« I am curious to see how Motta will play, in two or three, even though his football is very fluid and his players occupy many positions on the pitch. The first thing I would do is to bring in Koopmeiners, who has something different from the others, then there will be a new midfielder to integrate and it will not be easy to do. Fagioli is a very delicate knot for Juve and I would go easy on him, because we will first have to understand if his problems have been overcome. It is not that everything disappears with the disqualification, but if not, it will be a big problem. I like him a lot, I hope he finds the right concentration to give his best. I would build the midfield with Fagioli as a low center forward, with Thuram and Koopmeiners as wingers. There are still things to do, like making a decision on Miretti, Locatelli and Nicolussi Caviglia. »

And the defense?

« On the right, I would take Di Lorenzo from the national team who is a strong player for me, then I would also solve the issue of the defenders. We will also have to understand what Bremer will do after the Copa América, I saw that after the interview he wanted to clarify his position but for me he is a player who could have trouble in a four-man defense. For me he is also a player who dances a lot, he is not technical or ductile and he is better in man to man. So maybe Motta will transform him like he did with Calafiori, but I don’t think he has those characteristics. »

Would giving Kenan Yildiz the number 10 be the right choice?

« I would wait at least one more year to give such a heavy jersey to a guy who is still young, who I like a lot for his attitude and quality on the pitch. I have nothing against Kenan, but there was a time when you had to score 25 goals like Del Piero to become a superstar and be able to aspire to such a number. The fans get excited and identify with this player, when Pogba or Dybala took the 10 it was because they were veterans of monstrous years. There is too much exaltation compared to my time, we have to go back to lowering our ears. On the other hand, the result against a good Switzerland is not a coincidence, our national team is presented as that of “Pelé, Maradona and Baggio. »

Strong choices are made:

« I didn’t expect it, I’m honest. Giuntoli and Motta took on important responsibilities, at Juve you have to accept them and not settle for what is certain. I like people who have personality and who take a stand, because only those who do are wrong. Objectively it’s a choice that I didn’t like, because Szczesny is still at the top and he’s being replaced by someone who is good but not yet at his level. »



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