New patch available for F1 24 focused on gameplay (V1.6)

New patch available for F1 24 focused on gameplay (V1.6)
New patch available for F1 24 focused on gameplay (V1.6)

In order to regularly monitor its game, EA Sports has announced the availability of a fourth patch (V1.6) for F1 24.

If the previous patch was dedicated to updating Scuderia Ferrari (in order to respect the title sponsor HP) and correcting many bugs, patch 1.6 focuses on playability, particularly in terms of vibrators.

The release of F1 24 has caused a lot of ink to flow, mainly because of the developers’ bias towards a radical change in gameplay. For our part, we were also quite mixed on the game’s sensations when we published our test, to finally – after a few adjustments and habits – really appreciate the gameplay of this opus.

However, many players continue to express their dissatisfaction, and it is clear that EA Sports and Codemasters are tackling the problem head on by regularly releasing patches and adjusting the gameplay.

Today, the vibrators, considered not realistic enough, are in the center of attention. The main improvements and fixes brought by this patch are the following:

  • Rebalancing of the anti-skid in “medium” setting
  • When driving over kerbs, cars will now be more unstable, with the rims in particular having a greater impact on the vehicle’s stability.
  • Fixed an issue in Time Trial where, under certain circumstances, times set with an F1 car could appear in F2 leaderboards.
  • Fixed an issue where a specific Specialist objective could prevent a career save from loading correctly.
  • Improved average pit stop time in career mode
  • Having a very high level of engine braking is now less likely to cause the brakes to lock up.

This update also fixes other issues regarding game stability, bugs, support for the “Cammus C5” steering wheel, and other minor issues.

This update is available for free download on all platforms starting this Monday, July 8. If you are comfortable with English, EA Sports reminds you that you can report any bugs to this address.



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