Moto3 Germany Race: David Alonso Avoids Crash, Disaster for Collin Veijer

The Moto3 race in Germany was fantastic. As is so often the case, the smaller class gave us a treat on Sunday. In the end, it was David Alonso who took the win, which gave him a great victory in the championship. Before the start, it was hard to pick a favourite. Many riders had been penalised for slowing down during practice, and none had really stood out. The Hondas were fast, with Adrian Fernandez (Honda Leopard Racing) in top form, leading FP and P2. Stefano Nepa (KTM LEVELUP MTA) led P1, but it was Collin Veijer (Liqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GP) who took pole position. He was just ahead of David Alonso (CFMoto Aspar Team), who has been more discreet these days, both followed by rookie Luca Lunetta (Honda Sic58 Squadra Corse). Daniel Holgado (Red Bull GasGas Tech3) and Ivan Ortola (KTM MT Helmets MSi), who were in more difficulty, were forced to perform the feat.

Even if you already know the result of this race, come relive it with us! Before we begin, here is a table that summarizes the known facts:

Moto3™ Germany, Sachsenring



FP 1’25.840 Ayumu Sasaki 1’25.938 Adrian Fernandez
P1 1’38.972 Matthew Bertelle 1’25.283 Stefano Nepa
P2 1’40.923 Xavi Artigas 1’25.023 Adrian Fernandez
Q1 1’27.429 David Muñoz 1’26.325 Joel
Q2 1’25.130 Ayumu Sasaki 1’24.885 Collin
Course Vanguard, Sasaki, Holgado (See here) Alonso, Furusato, Ortola
Record 1’25.130 Ayumu Sasaki 1’24.885 Collin

The race had not yet started that Luke Lunetta (Honda Sic58 Racing Team), third on the line, was already in the gravel trap during the formation lap! Fortunately, the Italian rookie got out of it and will be fine at the start.

The lights go out… and off we go! What a start
David Munoz (KTM Boé
), which ideally places itself in second place.
Collin Veijer retains its precious advantage, while David Alonso remains third.
Taiyo Furusato (Honda Team Asia) is not ridiculous either, in the battle for the lead.

But that is not possible ! Collin Veijer
fall from the head in the Waterfall! Last year, he had already fallen from the first place in the second round. What bad luck for the Dutchman, who loses very big in the world championship. Nevertheless, he starts again from the last position.

David Munoz inherits first place, just ahead David Alonso. The penalized begin to perform their long lap, but this does not upset the hierarchy at the top. Meanwhile, Daniel Holgado is in decline, around 11th place. Ivan Ortolain his long lap, misses hitting
Stephen Nepa et Ryusei Yamanaka. It was very hot!

The race is getting heated. David Munoz lack of falling and push Taiyo Furusato out of the circuit. The Japanese does not fall, by a miracle, but all this benefits
David Alonso who had already taken the lead a few turns ago. The duo Honda Leopard Racing
composed ofAdrian Fernandez et Angel Piqueras is in the game, ready to attack Alonso. Munoz’s bike is very unstable, which doesn’t go well with his very aggressive style. What a start to the race!

A little further on, it is Piqueras who almost fell in turn. The race stabilized a little; David Alonso managed to maintain his gap of two tenths on his closest pursuer. A beautiful exchange of arms opposed Taiyo Furusato has Jose Antonio Rueda
(Red Bull KTM Ajo), but both cannot attack the Colombian at the moment. Further behind,
Jacob Roulstone (Red Bull GasGas
) comes out wide, too wide. He stays on his wheels, but falls a few laps later.

Rueda returns to Alonsothe first group is neck and neck at the halfway point. Adrian Fernandez and Angel Piqueras exchange paint, there is a lot of agitation among the leaders. Daniel Holgado has come back to the leaders, he will definitely be able to play for the win! But David Alonso seems to have something extra on the German turnstile.

And here we go again Ivan Ortolawinner at Assen. Despite his long lap, he managed to make up the lost time. Meanwhile, Furusato did not hesitate to overtake Alonso, who splits a few turns further on. At the same time, the fall of Luke Lunettawho failed to convert his fine qualifying session.

With two rounds to go, Jose Antonio Rueda crashes heavily after a big blow from the racket while braking for the first corner! The Spaniard is eliminated! Fortunately, he seems to be okay. Alonso is still leading Furusatobut Ivan Ortola should not be underestimated. The last lap is tense, but a small mistake by Furusato prevents him from bothering the Colombian until the end.

David Alonso wins a huge, intelligent victory, in front of a deserving Taiyo Furusato and an exceptional one Ivan Ortolacame back from nowhere.
Adrian Fernandez et Angel Piqueras complete the top 5, while Daniel Holgadoseventh, continues to lose ground.

2024 Moto3 German Grand Prix result:

Ranking credit:

Cover photo: Aspar Moto3



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