MotoGP, Sachsenring J2, Joan Mir (Honda/Q20-S21): “We took the wrong direction with the settings, it was a risk that unfortunately did not pay off”

Joan Mir finished the German Grand Prix Sprint Race in a disappointing 21st place, a performance far from expectations for the double world champion. Starting from 20th on the grid, Mir faced numerous challenges throughout the day, preventing him from finding the optimal settings for his bike.

After a frustrating day, Joan Mir shared his thoughts: “ honestly, this saturday was a really difficult day for us, we took the wrong direction with the settings, it was a risk that unfortunately did not pay off. »

Despite the difficult conditions, Mir tried to find solutions throughout the day. In the afternoon we found better settings, but
when i started to really push i fell and this disrupted the last part of the tests
” he added, explaining the complications encountered.

Joan Mir: « The goal for Sunday is to stay at least with the other Honda riders »

The hot conditions on Saturday did not make things easy for Mir and his team. The lack of sensations and speed persisted, making the race even more complicated. However, Joan Mir remains determined to improve his performance for the main race.

« The goal for Sunday is to be more competitive, at least to stay with the other Honda riders and to relaunch in the race what we did at the beginning of the year. ” said
Miroptimistic about the possibility of turning around the situation.

Joan Mir hopes that the adjustments made to his bike will pay off and allow him to perform better in the main race of the
German Grand Prix
. With a positive approach and a willingness to overcome challenges, Mir is preparing to take on the challenge and deliver a performance worthy of a former MotoGP world champion.

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