MotoGP Germany J2, Stefan Bradl (Honda Q21/S19): What was he doing? (VIDEO)

Nobody understood, and many wrongly accused him. For his home Grand Prix, Stefan Bradl distinguished himself in Germany, yes… but not in the way he had hoped. Indeed, at the very end of Q1, he was seen slowing down on the trajectory, and trying to escape from it at the moment when the pack led by a certain Marc Marquez arrived. The Spaniard fumed, and would not listen to anything once the spirits calmed down at the time of the start tests. But what happened for Stefan, the 2011 Moto2 world champion, not to realize his dangerous position for which he was also penalized?

This is one of the images of the day. Of course, Stefan Bradl explained himself at length to the media, and in particular to the microphones of the Germans of Speedweek. « Blocking him was the last thing I wanted to do. I took a little break, nothing was happening. Then, everything happened very quickly, with Marquez coming. I wanted to make room for him.
I didn’t want to ruin his qualification, we get along very well. »
said the German. A mistake with serious consequences for both sides: three penalty places for Bradl, and the impossibility of getting out of Q1 for Marquez, condemned to 13th place on the grid.

While the two were at each other’s throats during the early years of Moto2, they are now reconciled. « I am a big fan of Marc Marquez. I would like him to win here, but social media is crazy.” he added, he who had been the target of numerous insults during the day.
« After changing, I went straight to him and apologized.. There is no room at the Sachsenring, you can’t get out of the way anywhere. We talked to each other like men and everything is resolved. Trust me, it looks a lot worse on TV than it did in real life. »
he added.

Penalized for “irresponsible conduct” by the college of commissioners, he accepts the sentence.
“I made a fool of myself, I deserved it. End of story.” he concluded, as he proved the greatness of his character. Let us recall that only Remy Gardner had been slower in qualifying, which means that he will only drop back one position on the grid tomorrow, to start last. This did not prevent him from finishing the Sprint 19th.

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