TDF. Tour de France – Arnaud Démare: “It’s a shame, we’re getting overwhelmed”

Arnaud Demare (Arkéa – B&B Hotels) has still not managed to place itself in the top 5 places of a stage on this Tour de France. The double stage winner on the Grande Boucle finished 7th this Thursday, the same result as Wednesday. Start was very well placed approaching the sprint, but the former French champion got stuck in the wheel of the UNO-X Mobility, losing speed. The Norwegian train was beaten and Start paid the price.

Video – The reactions of Arnaud Démare and Yvon Ledanois

“I thought I was on the right train…”

“It’s a shame, I’m coming back at the right time, I’m 3rd or 4th at the roundabout, in the wheel of the UNO-X. In the end, we get overtaken, I thought I was on the right train because after that, there were 600 meters left. In the end, they never knew how to accelerate again behind and we get overtaken, then to start the sprint, I was underspeeding. I couldn’t have predicted that they were going to get stuck. We try, then we have to be lucky, there is commitment, the team is there. I’m not at all down.” said Arnaud Demare after arrival.

Yvon Ledanoissporting director of the French team, also spoke about the stage: “A sprint with everything that happened before, all that stress, all that tension that you can imagine, seeing Arnaud being dropped off by his teammates behind the UNO-X, it was perfect. After that, UNO-X doesn’t have enough gas to take Kristoff, it goes fast, but not fast enough and it goes faster on the right, after that, we know what happens next. When a train goes 3-4 km/h faster, the sprint is almost over.”

Tour de France – Stage 6 classification

Tour de France – Provisional general classification after the 6th stage



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