Bouchouari at the Olympics before the exit?

The end of the ASSE season has delivered the verdict we were hoping for: the club is moving up to Ligue 1! After this wonderful news, the decision-makers in Saint-Étienne will have to draw up the outlines of a squad that will inevitably be significantly modified. Indeed, this group, built for Ligue 2, will need a facelift to adapt to the demands of the higher echelon. In addition, departures are therefore to be expected, starting with Benjamin Bouchouari?

ODO and Bouchouari, it didn’t match!

A key player in Laurent Batlles’ system, Benjamin Bouchouari has lost a lot of his playing time with the new coach. Oscillating between the Moroccan hopes and Group A, he has also lost credit in the hierarchy in the national selection.

Indeed, he will have played 690 minutes in 21 matches under the tutelage of Olivier Dall’Oglio, an average of 33 minutes per match. Worse, a starter in the first five matches, he will then have only had three starts in the other sixteen matches.

Used regularly in a winger role, he did not have the confidence of the staff. His performances, not very successful as a starter, have moreover rather proved the Saint-Etienne technician right. With the possible extension of the coach and the rise to Ligue 1, Benjamin Bouchouari will look for an exit door in the coming weeks.

The Olympic Games as a way out

His playing time during the three decisive matches (playoffs and play-offs) will not reassure him about his role in the squad next season. Under contract until June 2025, Benjamin Bouchouari should send his representatives to find him a new project. The situation is not in line with his expectations and his departure seems inevitable. Moreover, his (very measured) joy during the promotion celebrations in the locker room says it all.

To prepare for the Olympic Games, Morocco’s hopefuls played a friendly match against Belgium on Tuesday, June 4. The final score was 2-2, but Benjamin Bouchouari was not a starter, he came on during the match. There is no doubt that the Moroccan midfielder will try to show his best face to attract attention.

  • Wednesday July 24: Argentina – Morocco at Geoffroy Guichard (3 p.m.)
  • Saturday July 27: Ukraine-Morocco at Geoffroy Guichard (5 p.m.)
  • Tuesday July 30: Morocco-Iraq at Allianz Rivera (5 p.m.)

Romain Colange confirms that Benjamin Bouchouari will be released by ASSE if he is called to represent Morocco at the Olympic Games. The decision has not been made regarding Aïmen Moueffek.



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