Why Manchester United is going to cut 250 jobs?


Published on 03 Jul 2024 at 19:16 par

Abdel Maarous

Manchester United ©IMAGO / PA Images

Manchester United staff cuts: 250 employees in the hot seat

The news came as a bombshell to the 1,100 employees of Manchester United. According to The Athleticthe English football club is set to implement significant cuts to its wage bill, a direct result of several recent financial audits. The acquisition of the Red Devils by INEOS this winter has led to a significant reorganization, with 250 layoffs to be made.

A considerable social and economic impact

The decision to cut Manchester United’s workforce by 250 has far-reaching implications. Manchester United are the Premier League club with the most employees, far outstripping Liverpool (1,005), Chelsea (788), Tottenham (719), Arsenal (649) and Manchester City (520). The massive reorganisation, driven by financial considerations, aims to optimise the club’s resources to better focus on the performance of the men’s first team.

A management strategy determined by INEOS

INEOS, the multinational chemical company, is no stranger to sports acquisitions. Its pragmatic approach, often characterised by rigorous cost management, is now reflected in the direction taken by Manchester United. The savings generated by these redundancies are seen as a way to fund new recruits and improve sporting facilities, crucial elements in maintaining and improving the club’s performance on the national and international stage.

The reorganisation initiated by INEOS at Manchester United marks a crucial turning point for the club. While the aim is to strengthen the men’s first team, the social consequences of this decision are serious. The loss of 250 jobs cannot be underestimated, and it raises many questions about the future of the employees concerned and the club’s ability to manage this shift without compromising its legacy and image among supporters.



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