The 5 small, affordable family SUVs for families in 2024!

The 5 small, affordable family SUVs for families in 2024!
The 5 small, affordable family SUVs for families in 2024!

The double chevron brand has just presented the second generation of its C3 Aicross. More imposing than the previous one (4.39 m compared to 4.16 m), available in 5-seater or in 7-seater (an option at €850), in 100 hp thermal, in 136 hp micro hybrid and in 113 hp electric, it no longer has the same rivals as its predecessor. Especially since, in terms of price, it starts at €19,400 for 100 hp gasoline, €25,500 for 136 hp and €27,400 for electric. What is the competition?

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1. Opel Frontera: the first cousin

The new Opel Frontera comes from the same matrix as the Citroën C3 Aircross.© DR

It is not quite a clone since it differs in terms of the grille (Vizor), the rear lights and the dashboard, but the Opel Frontera offers exactly the same services as the C3 Aircross from the same mold. For the moment, the prices of the Opel Frontera have not been communicated, but according to our information they should be very slightly higher than those of the Citroën.

Finally, still in the same vein, in 2025, Fiat will in turn offer a variation of the recipe in the form of the new Multipla.

2. Dacia Duster: the priority target but without 7-seater or electric version

The third generation of the Dacia Duster is clearly in the sights of the Citroën C3 Aircross.© Dacia

The third version of the Dacia Duster is now available in dealerships. The star SUV of the Romanian brand of the Renault group is very close in size, with a format of 4.34 m, as well as in price, with a base price of €19,690 for an Essential version powered by the 100 hp engine (power identical to that of the base Citroën C3 Aircross) running on gasoline as well as LPG. On the other hand, the Dacia Duster is only available in 5-seater. In the Dacia range, the 7-seater model is the Jogger (read below).

In addition, the Dacia Duster does not offer a 100% electric engine, and this is not planned. The Duster is available in a 140 hp full hybrid version and also offers the choice between two and four-wheel drive, with a 130 hp TCe gasoline engine. The trunk volume of the Duster is larger than that of the C3 Aircross, with between 558 and 594 dm3 depending on the version for the Romanian, compared to 460 dm3 for the French.

3. Jogger: he sees the big picture!

The Dacia Jogger is an adventurer-style station wagon, available in both 5- and 7-seater versions.© Dacia

Launched at the end of 2021 and receiving a micro restyling in 2022 in the form of a new grille bearing the “DC” logo, the Jogger is a large station wagon with an adventurer look. Its size (4.55 m) is more imposing than that of the Citroën (4.39 m). On the other hand, the Romanian is more accessible financially, with a base price of €17,990 in Essential finish with the 100 hp Eco-G engine (petrol/LPG) – count on a minimum of €19,400 for the C3 Aircross. In 7-seater, the Dacia Jogger starts at €19,800 with a choice of the 100 hp Eco-G engine or the 110 hp TCe.

The 7-seater C3 Aicross costs at least €20,250 with a 100 hp PureTech engine. The Dacia Jogger also offers a full hybrid engine with 140 hp, from €25,200 for 5-seater and €26,100 for 7-seater – count respectively €25,500 for a C3 Aircross mild Hybrid 136 hp for 5-seater and €26,350 in 7-seater.

But the Jogger is not available in 100% electric mode. Unsurprisingly, the carrying volume of the Jogger is larger than that of the C3 Aircross, count 160 dm3 in 7-seater and 595 dm3 in 5-seater (respectively 400 and 460 dm3 for the C3).

4. Renault Symbioz: if you have a less tight budget

The Renault Symbioz is, in short, the “estate” version of the Renault Captur.© Renault

This stretched version of the Renault Captur, whose size reaches 4.41 m, only 2 cm more than the C3 Aircross, is a rival which does not box in the same price category. Indeed, the base price of the Renault Symbioz is €34,900, a difference of €15,500 that the diamond SUV cannot justify by its number of seats on board, its capacity being limited to 5 passengers, but more by its technological content and its full hybrid engine accumulating 145 hp.

Compared to the 136 hp C3 Aircross mild hybrid, the price difference drops to €9,400. The trunk volume of the Symbioz is 492 dm3 in 5-seater under shelf, that of the C3 Aircross is 460 dm3 in the same configuration.

5. Skoda Karoq: if you need a diesel

The Skoda Karoq has a format of 4.38 m long.© Skoda

With its length of 4.38 m, almost identical to that of the Citroën C3 Aircross Mk2, the Skoda Karoq, launched in 2017 and undergoing restyling in 2021, is in the competitive universe of the tricolor model. On the other hand, by its price, from €34,410, it is no longer in the same price range. In terms of services, however, it is close.

The Czech SUV leaves the choice between two gasoline engines, 1.0 TSI of 116 hp and 1.5 TSI of 150 hp, and two 2.0 TDI diesel engines, also in 116 and 150 hp, but there is no electric offer nor hybridization in the program. The trunk volume of the Skoda Karoq is 521 dm3 – that of the C3 Aircross 460 dm3.



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