Montreal was in the game in 2024, believes Elliotte Friedman

Montreal was in the game in 2024, believes Elliotte Friedman
Montreal was in the game in 2024, believes Elliotte Friedman

The Pierre-Luc Dubois case has been the talk of the town recently.

The Los Angeles Kings were so disappointed with what Dubois brought in 2023-24 that they decided the player wasn’t going to be back in 2024-25, period.

Not everyone seems to know, but yes, he was traded.

Is this why the rumors about a contract buyout have not wanted to die recently? We might think so and that this is why Frank Seravalli, in particular, spoke of redemption.

But ultimately, Rob Blake was saved by the Washington Capitals, who chose to take his entire big contract in return for the services of Darcy Kuemper.

I’m the first to say that I don’t understand it since it’s a big financial risk.

But it seems that Rob Blake, who didn’t hesitate to take the blame for the Dubois situation, didn’t have just one option on the table to trade his center.

Elliotte Friedman, as part of his 32 Thoughts podcast, mentioned that it is certain that the Capitals were not the only ones to have their noses in the file of the one who earns on average $ 8.5 M for another seven years and who will have a no-movement clause which will come into effect on July 1.

Friedman isn’t sure who the two potential teams are, but he had Jeff Marek guessing. The latter talked about the Bruins, who need help at center, and Friedman believes he is right.

And it was subsequently that the Canadian’s name came back. Friedman mentions that he has not confirmed everything through the league and that this is what he believes, but he still has the feeling that the CH is one of the two interested teams.

Note that Friedman does not know what this would have cost the CH. He is also of the opinion that the transaction to Washington is not the only one that the Kings could have made, but that their best offer obviously came from Washington, which obviously was not too afraid of Dubois and his “history » in career.

We also know that the Kings, who know Kuemper, wanted a goalie. And clearly, Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton had no advantage in giving up Samuel Montembeault or Cayden Primeau for (the contract of) Dubois.

It is not logical to think that the CH would have done that.

We must also wonder if the CH asked the Kings to withhold salary to respect its salary structure – if the discussions went that far – in order to make a move. The Capitals did not.

In the end, we know that Dubois was always attractive to the Canadian, but that the stars never aligned. So here he is in Washington for the rest of things, where he will perhaps be happier than in LA for… a good four and a quarter months?


In connection with the buyout rumors concerning Dubois: the transaction in Washington tells us that it was certainly not done to buy him back at 1/3 of his salary, but the Oilers victory last night confirms everything.

After all, he turns 26 on Monday and the buyout window isn’t going to open until then since the Stanley Cup Final won’t be over. If the Capitals want to buy him out, it will officially be at 2/3 of his salary – and that won’t happen.



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