Amateur rugby – Federal 3: in the semi-final against Saverdun, RC Villeneuve is 80 minutes away from real happiness

Amateur rugby – Federal 3: in the semi-final against Saverdun, RC Villeneuve is 80 minutes away from real happiness
Amateur rugby – Federal 3: in the semi-final against Saverdun, RC Villeneuve is 80 minutes away from real happiness

the essential
In front of Saverdun, the Villeneuvois will have the opportunity to invite themselves to the final of the championship and experience something unreal. But the task promises to be complicated in the Gers.

Who would’ve believed that ? Sunday afternoon in a Gers region that they know well and which has been rather successful in this final draw, the Villeneuvois will perhaps swim in immense happiness, by simply qualifying for the final of the French championship of Federal 3.

A united collective

After the climb in Fédérale 2 a few weeks ago in front of Roubaix, several players told us: “Now we want to go to the end and get the wooden board”. Well they kept their word, overcoming the various pitfalls, the biggest of which was certainly Sor-Agout in the round of 16 of the championship.

They took action by uniting, becoming one and putting all their physical but especially mental qualities at the service of a collective and a fabulous human adventure. In their quest for more and more and getting closer to the shield, nothing seems to stop them or slow them down in their progress.

A rise in power

However, a new mountain will stand in their way on Sunday in Mauvezin. And not just any one! Saverdun, which Internet users on the forums already see in the final with the Héraultais of Servian-Boujan, is solid, very solid even.

And to open the doors to a final, we will really need a conquering and effective RCV in all sectors of the game. We will need an impeccable RCV in the defensive area and in terms of discipline. It will take an intelligent RCV in the game, gradually adapting to the opponent. Finally and above all, we will need a much more efficient RCV in offensive animation than its last outings with (normally) mild weather which should favor the game of movement and movement.

If the players of David Ardilouze and Patrick Hollevoet did not draw too much on their physical resources last weekend against the Pays de Meaux (success 22 to 10), mastering the debates and still being ahead in the score, it is not not the case for an Ariège team which had to fight hard to overcome Saint-Jean-de-Bournay with three tries scored in the last ten minutes.

A 50/50 between the two teams

This shows the character and mental qualities of this Saverdun team which never gives up on the pitch, under the eyes of a hundred supporters perfectly playing the role of 16th man. So how does this semi-final clash look? We would tend to write, it will be 50-50 between two teams with great individuals and well armed both up front and behind.

Like the standoff in front of the Tarnais of Sor-Agout, this decisive match should certainly be decided again on small details but also on the freshness of the bench which can make the difference. In all likelihood, the group which won against the Ile-de-France residents in the quarter-final in Berry should be quite similar to that of Sunday.

With certainly the return of 3/4 center Bilal Boulaghrifa, absent for professional reasons at Châteauroux. Louis Darini’s teammates are therefore 80 minutes away from a historic final. It is now up to them to write a new beautiful page in the history of this young club.



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