Roland Romeyer sort du silence

If Bernard Caïazzo commented extensively on the sale of ASSE through multiple statements, Roland Romeyer was much more discreet. If he does not address the sale, he answered the questions of the Stéphanois Ambassadors.

Roland Romeyer and ASSE, a history that dates back

Roland Romeyer (former ASSE Shareholder): « Grandson of farmers and son of traders, I was born in Pont Salomon in Haute-Loire. […] I was employed in a complete store and apartment fittings company (SACMA), a local company which I bought and developed nationally and internationally. Through this company, I became the sponsor of ASSE before becoming the jersey sponsor to avoid administrative demotion to national level in 2003.”

His new role after the sale of the club

Roland Romeyer (former ASSE Shareholder): « Today, although I sold AS Saint-Etienne, I continue to be actively involved as president of the Cœur-Vert association. In this role, I am dedicated to the promotion and development of social and community projects, supporting local initiatives that reflect the values ​​of solidarity and generosity.

My commitment is to contribute to the well-being of the inhabitants of the Saint-Etienne region by providing concrete assistance to those who need it. I also work to maintain the spirit and traditions of AS Saint-ETienne through charitable actions and support programs. My goal is to continue the legacy of the club by having a positive and lasting impact. »

Saint-Etienne values

Roland Romeyer (former ASSE Shareholder): « SSaint-Etienne represents much more than a city. It embodies a rich cultural and sporting heritage, particularly through AS Saint-Etienne, an integral part of my life and my commitment. […] I continue to contribute to its development and influence with pride.

The Saint-Etienne mentality? A deep sense of solidarity and mutual aid. Fundamental values ​​that were instilled in me from a very young age. The tenacity and courage of the Stéphanois taught me to persevere in the face of challenges; two qualities that have guided me in all my endeavors. »



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