Cazilhac. “Teams recognized on all grounds” for FC Briolet

Cazilhac. “Teams recognized on all grounds” for FC Briolet
Cazilhac. “Teams recognized on all grounds” for FC Briolet

the essential
The FC Briolet club will hold its general meeting on Tuesday June 25 at 7 p.m. at the local stadium. Meeting with the two co-presidents.

What do you remember from this season?

Many positive points: around 300 licensees, 19 teams, the labeling of the football school which rewards the work of the educators, the U13 and U15 in the territorial championship, four rounds in the Coupe de France for the flag team, the maintenance of seniors in R3 and D1 (only club in Aude), a semi-final of the cup in U15, a cup/championship double in U17. We cleaned up the accounts thanks to the hard work of the entertainment team with a garage sale, a lottery, a tournament, the Telethon, the Music Festival.

Are you going to run for another term?

We remain in continuity by trying to stabilize the football school and maintain the seniors and we hope to be able to implement future projects.

What are they ?

Strengthening the football school, continuing to develop the women’s team and the various activities.

This year the club is celebrating its 10th anniversary, what are your feelings?

It is a stable club appreciated for its family spirit. The teams are recognized on all grounds and we win trophies every year. The founding presidents laid good foundations and we are continuing them. On a sporting level, we need to strengthen the level of young teams to feed the seniors. We must continue to strengthen family spirit and try to improve infrastructure.



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