La Roja made the difference but is not immune

La Roja made the difference but is not immune
La Roja made the difference but is not immune


Ayoze Perez had in turn caught Di Lorenzo, to face Donnarumma in a tight corner. He tries to hit low to the ground but the Italian goalkeeper spreads out well on the ground and pushes the ball away.

Inaccurate center of Barella

This is accompanied at goal exit by Unai Simon. There remains additional time, which will be 4 minutes.

Oyarzabal gets a foul

It will allow La Roja to breathe a little.

The Spanish defense panics

The control has left the Spanish ranks, now it’s safe and sound, with panicked clearances.

Unai Simon intervenes

It gives the Spanish defense a little breathing room. But there are a few minutes left which promise to be tense, because La Roja was unable to make the break.

Corner for Italy

The Squadra Azzura comes out better and finally shows something. The Spanish changes have clearly changed something, it’s no longer the same match without Pedri, Morata, Yamal and Williams.

Raspadori replaces Pellegrini

Last change from Spalletti for the last ten minutes.

Perez in contact with Di Lorenzo

He doesn’t follow up quickly enough, he is blocked, even though he had a shooting window.

Morata and Williams exits

Ovation from Gelsenkirchen for Nico Williams, author of a magnificent match. Ayoze Perez and Mikel Oyarzabal enter the game.

The dangerous center of Torres!

Morata, in contact with Di Lorenzo, cannot get past to regain the ball. It was only a few centimeters away.

Spain must make the break

They largely dominate this meeting but still only have a one-goal lead. A second goal would not be unwelcome.

Pedri and Yamal outings

Both were sparkling tonight. They are replaced by Alex Baena and Ferran Torres.


HE HAD MADE THE DIFFERENCE AGAIN! After a hook in front of Di Lorenzo, he rolls up with a right. It’s very strong and it explodes against the crossbar of Donnarumma, who this time was beaten.

Big mistake from Le Normand

He is late and overtaken by Zaccagni. Logical yellow.


Cristante had escaped on the right, his cross then was not far from being caught by Retegui, who had just entered. For a few centimeters, it doesn’t work, but finally an Italian reaction.

Double change for Italy

Luciano Spalletti leaves Chiesa and Scamacca, Zaccagni and Retegui enter.

Italy without solution

The opening score did not change much on the Italian side. The Squadra Azzurra is simply outdated.


WHAT A THRILL! Ball at 20 meters, Yamal decides to fly his left shot. It hits the post, the 2-0 was very close.


From a corner, the Spaniards had the better again. The Norman is not far from scoring 2-0 but Cambiasso saves on his line.

Morata’s powerful strike!

It’s pushed back for a corner by Donnarumma, but the waves keep coming at the Italian goal. Spain is in demonstration.


He had passed through a tiny space, until he tried to serve Morata. Donnarumma is vigilant and takes the ball.


GOAL AGAINST HIS CALIFIORI CAMP! On a new offensive on the left, Williams crosses hard. Morata then Donnarumma deflects the ball slightly, to Califiori who throws himself but pushes the ball into the goal. 1-0 for Spain and it’s deserved!


The combination was excellent, Cucurella’s back cross is perfect but Pedri doesn’t have time to adjust well to strike with one touch. He takes the ball badly and doesn’t hit the target, it’s another huge opportunity for Spain.

La Roja monopolizes the ball

Scamacca tries to go on the counter on the only Italian possession in these last minutes, but his pass afterwards is imprecise.

Carvajal Country Center

Corner for Spain, who leaves with the same intentions.

Rodri gets up, the game resumes

With a challenge for Italy: to offer something other than in the first period.

Cardboard for Cristante

He has not yet touched the ball when he takes a yellow for a foul on Rodri, who remains on the ground.

It’s back to Gelsenkirchen!

Spain kicks off the second half. With a change on the Italian side: Cristante and Cambiasso replaced Jorginho and Frattesi in the middle.

The 100% de Rodri

He completed his 55 passes in the first period.

It’s the break !

Halftime in Gelsenkirchen with this 0-0 score which absolutely does not reflect the nature of the match. Spain clearly dominates Italy, which is currently relying on Donnarumma to stay alive.

Card for Rodri, suspended for the 3rd match

Chiesa had been penalized for a foul on Cucurella but Rodri came to demand a more severe sanction from the referee. It is he who therefore takes a yellow and who will be suspended for the third match of La Roja, against Albania.

Church takes a chance!

On one of the rare Italian offensives, Chiesa strikes from distance from a difficult angle. It’s not framed. It’s a difficult match for the Squadra Azzurra attackers deprived of the ball.

Hashed end of half

Several successive faults from the Italians, it breaks the game a little.

Ruiz again!

This is captured by Donnarumma. The Spanish midfielder tries a lot, he is always well placed. But for the moment, his teammate at PSG, the Italian goalkeeper, is responding.

What a comeback from Bastoni!

Williams had been found in the open, once again. The Inter defender comes back well and wards off the danger. Italy bends but does not break.

Ruiz tries again from afar

It’s bold, in a half-volley, but it goes well over the top.

The Italians try to play long

But it does not work. The Squadra Azzurra does not really have a solution and does not endanger the Spanish selection.

Yamal and Williams set fire

They have already managed 6 dribbles between them, compared to 2 for all the other players on the pitch.

Rodri have a chance!

It was a magnificent move from the Spaniards, finished with a low strike from Rodri just in front of the box. City’s midfield is blocked, Italy pushes away the danger again.

Barella’s missed cross

Cucurella had successfully stopped the rapid Italian attack. Behind, Barella tries to find his attackers, without success.


IT’S HOT UP FOR ITALY! From 25 meters, Ruiz shoots with power. Once again, it takes the intervention of Donnarumma to take the ball out for a corner. This is the Italian goalkeeper’s third save, already.


ANOTHER DONNARUMMA STOP! This time Yamal made the difference in his control then in his breakthrough. He then managed to pass to Morata, who delayed his shot and came up against the Italian goalkeeper.


The Spanish defense was falling back and Dimarco’s cross was well felt, behind. He takes the defense on the wrong foot but finds no partner, it is Fabian Ruiz who comes to ward off the danger.

Williams passes again

Small bridge on Di Lorenzo, who cannot contain the Spanish winger. It’s Jorginho again who comes to cut behind.

Yamal remains discreet for the moment

The hot actions have not gone through his side and he has lacked accuracy so far, even if it is enough to say it to see him place a superb roulette.

Morata found between the lines

He tries to strike very quickly after his control but is blocked. He really hurts the Italian defense with his stalls. For the moment, Spain has control of this match.

Dimarco Center

But Scamacca, instead of coming to the near post, hid behind the Spanish defender.


EVERYTHING WAS DONE! On a rapid attack, Morata crosses for Williams, in a good position in the area. The Spaniard takes his time to resume but misses the target, while he is 2 meters from the goal. Big heat on the Italian goal.

Pellegrini looks for Scamacca in depth

It’s the first Italian incursion, but the Atalanta striker cannot continue.

The Slovenian referee generous with the Italians

He whistles a foul from Laporte, another from Pedri, neither is obvious.


The Bilbao winger sets things on fire. Bastoni is caught, but Williams cannot continue as he wants, the defense falls back.


ALREADY AN INTERVENTION! Williams’ overflow was good, as was the cross. Pedri, alone in the area, tries to adjust but Donnarumma has the right reflex and puts in a corner.

Let’s go to Gelsenkirchen!

The start of this Spain-Italy clash is given by the Italians after a minute of silence for Gerhard Aigner, former UEFA general secretary, who died today.

Kick-off imminent

It’s time for hymns, an opportunity to recall the evening’s compositions.

Spain: Unai Simon – Carvajal, Le Normand, Laporte, Cucurella – Pedri, Rodri, Fabián Ruiz – Yamal, Morata, N. Williams.

Italy: Donnarumma (cap) – Di Lorenzo, Bastoni, Calafiori, Di Marco – Barella, Jorginho – Chiesa, Frattesi, Pellegrini – Scamacca.

The supporters are in good shape

The warm-up is over.

Yamal, l’attraction

The Spanish winger, who became the youngest player to play in a Euro during the match against Croatia, will once again be one of the attractions this evening for this clash. He was a decisive passer in the first match.

7th Spain-Italy clash at the Euro

The last, in the semi-final of Euro 2020, was won by Italy on penalties before winning the tournament. But in 2008 and 2012, it was La Roja, the future winner, who dominated Italy each time.

The Spaniards begin their warm-up

The Italians have already been on the field for a few minutes.

A momentous shock

With the draw between Albania and Croatia yesterday, the winner of the day if there is one will already validate their qualification for the round of 16 of this Euro. He will also take a very clear option for first place in the group.

Touched, Nacho gives way to Laporte

While Nacho was expected, the Real Madrid defender suffered from muscle discomfort. He is replaced in the defensive axis by Aymeric Laporte.

The composition of Spain: Unai Simon – Carvajal, Le Normand, Laporte, Cucurella – Pedri, Rodri, Fabián Ruiz – Yamal, Morata, N. Williams.

A composition without surprises for Italy

Luciano Spalletti repeats the 4-2-3-1 from the first, although difficult, match against Albania, with exactly the same 11.

The composition of Italy: Donnarumma (cap) – Di Lorenzo, Bastoni, Calafiori, Di Marco – Barella, Jorginho – Chiesa, Frattesi, Pellegrini – Scamacca

This crazy stat which should worry the other Euro favorites

Spain faces Italy for the fifth consecutive time at the Euro. Shock expected by fans, this meeting could also be a clue for the final victory in the tournament.

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