Messi gives his response to retirement

Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria ©IMAGO / Ulmer/Teamfoto

Will Messi retire soon?

At 36 years old, Lionel Messi shows no signs of slowing down. Argentina, with his 182 caps and 108 goals, still has high ambitions after winning the 2022 World Cup. While many speculate about the end of his career, he remains focused on his goals, including the Copa America which begins this evening, and the possibility of continuing with the Albiceleste.

Lionel Messi expressed his desire to continue his career during an interview with ESPN. “I’m not ready to leave football. I’ve been doing this my whole life. I love playing ball. I like everyday life, training, matches. Seeing this all end scares me a little,” did he declare. These words resonate as a message of hope for his fans and a declaration of his unwavering commitment to the sport that has given him everything.

“It was a difficult step leaving Europe, but the world title helped me see things differently. Retirement ? I don’t think about that. »

Messi also highlighted his current happiness both at club and national level. Currently atInterMiami, the Argentinian prodigy is enjoying every moment on the pitch. “It goes well in the club as well as in the selection, where I am surrounded by friends. So I take advantage of the smallest detail because I know that, when I stop, I will miss it,” he confided. This positive attitude and love for the game are the keys to his longevity at the highest level.

The impact of the 2022 World Cup on Messi’s career

The 2022 World Cup victory marked a turning point in Messi’s career. “The world title helped me see things differently,” he admitted. This long-awaited triumph not only cemented his legacy but also reignited his desire to compete. This achievement gave Messi a new perspective on his career and allowed him to approach the future with optimism.

One of Messi’s main goals now is the Copa America. Having already won this competition in 2021, he is determined to add another continental trophy to his list of achievements. The Copa America represents for Messi not only a chance to shine again, but also an opportunity to continue representing his country with pride.

“I enjoy everything much more, I am aware that each day that passes brings me closer to the end. »



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