Serbia snatch a draw in added time against Slovenia at Euro 2024

Serbia snatch a draw in added time against Slovenia at Euro 2024
Serbia snatch a draw in added time against Slovenia at Euro 2024

Slovenia believed it was writing one of the most beautiful pages in its history. A few seconds before celebrating its very first victory at the Euro, its best enemy, Serbia, came to dampen its hopes by planting a goal from a corner, by Luka Jovic (1-1, 90th + 6).

This result reflects a Serbia in reaction throughout the match. Slovenia was the most enterprising. She started well with two shots in the first ten minutes (3rd, 8th). It took the biggest Slovenian opportunity to arrive for the Serbs to appear dangerous. Timi Elsnik put Strahinja Pavlovic on the buttocks with a hook at the edge of the area and hit hard on the left post of former Rémois Predrag Rajkovic. The ball came back to Benjamin Sesko, who took his shot too far.

Moments later, Jan Oblak, the captain, saved his team with a point-blank shot from Mitrovic. The teammates of Dusan Tadic, holder, in a new, more offensive system, were apathetic for a long time, following the defeat against England (0-1).

With its back against the wall, Serbia reacted

Matjaz Kek’s men, buoyed by the draw against Denmark (1-1), were able to hurt thanks to their best asset, the counterattacks. On a loss of the ball from the incoming Mijat Gacinovic, Zan Karnicnik went up the whole field, transmitted to the left towards Elsnik, who sent him a low cross. Left alone in the heart of a passive defense, the defender opened the scoring (1-0, 69th).

With their backs against the wall, the Eagles were forced to react, again. This goal, which condemned them in this Euro, galvanized them. Three minutes later, the same Zarnicnik saved his teammates by deflecting a powerful strike from Mitrovic onto the crossbar. Dragan Stojkovic’s players had a series of dangerous strikes and opportunities (83rd, 85th, 86th). Until this goal at the end of added time. Luka Jovic brought his teammates level on the last chance corner (1-1, 90 + 6th).

Disappointed, Slovenia sees qualification becoming complicated. With two points, she will have to at least take one from England on Tuesday to see further. Serbia breathes a little and gleans its first point in this Euro. But the rest is also dotted.


In two editions (2000, 2024), Slovenia has still not won a match at the Euro. She now has four draws and one defeat. They are the team with the most matches in this competition without winning a single one.

The player: Elsnik shines

The Slovenian midfielder showed all his technique this Thursday. Already very good against Denmark, he was a valuable element of his team to take the point of the draw. With ten passes in the final third of the field, his team’s highest total, he distributed the play as needed and when needed.

The biggest chance in the first half came from him. After a well-felt hook on Pavlovic, he unleashed a big shot which hit the post. In the second half, his repositioning on the left after the entry of Jon Gorenc-Stankovic allowed him to be well placed to send the decisive pass to Zarnicnik. This time he stayed for the entire match, and even if he could not guarantee the victory, he was useful in allowing Slovenia to remain undefeated in this Euro.



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