REPLAY. Semi-final Stade Toulousain-La Rochelle: “We hope to live up to the event…” Relive the Toulousains press conference

REPLAY. Semi-final Stade Toulousain-La Rochelle: “We hope to live up to the event…” Relive the Toulousains press conference
REPLAY. Semi-final Stade Toulousain-La Rochelle: “We hope to live up to the event…” Relive the Toulousains press conference

D-1 before the remake of the last Top 14 final. Friday evening, on the lawn of Matmut Atlantique in Bordeaux, Stade Toulousain, leader at the end of the Top 14 regular season, will meet Stade Rochelais, winner of Toulon last week.

A shock resembling a final for the Toulouse residents, reigning champions and already winners against the Maritimes in the 2023 (29-26) and 2021 (18-8) finals.

End of this press conference

The Toulouse residents will now go to the pitch at Matmut Atlantique in Bordeaux to train.

“We hope to live up to the event tomorrow”

Ugo Mola: “When Antoine leaves at 7, it’s to try something else. What’s certain is that our will, our desire at the club, is to continue to put the club in situations where we can play titles, play semi-finals. We hope to be up to the challenge tomorrow.”

“The lights are green”

Ugo Mola: “We measure, we look… The lights are green. We have done everything to be there when we speak to you. I am convinced that the desire, the level of interest… Trivialize the being there when it counts is given less importance to everything that has been done before. This group lives like I have rarely seen groups. They have an exaggerated confidence. They just want to. to play rugby. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is, I want to say.”

“Our strength is to adapt”

Ugo Mola: “La Rochelle has developed the offensive sector. There is what you think you are, and what you must show. Me, I want to show something tomorrow evening. The Stade Toulousain team must do it, want it Our strength is to adapt and take somewhat particular paths.”

“This generation will win titles again”

Ugo Mola: “The label of favorite? We have five titles in five years… To denigrate it would be to take you for… What interests me is that we do not lower the level of vigilance This is our sixth finals match against La Rochelle, we have won five but we have not yet won the sixth, no offense to some, will still win titles.

“We continue to work”

Ugo Mola: “We have all worked hard to be there. It’s the luxury of working hard during tough times and agreeing to postpone the time when we have fun. For the moment, we continue to work, to be awake, to be vigilant, hoping that we will have time to enjoy all of this.”

“Our priority is not on them”

Ugo Mola: “The arrival of Rémi Talès has brought a desire to air out their rugby, to bring different weapons. We see that they are trying to move the ball, more than some time ago. It is obvious that this arrival is not unrelated. Our last three championship titles are against La Rochelle. They are a major player in the French and foreign landscape.

“They are not necessarily in the rivalry”

Ugo Mola: “They have this ability to agree to work hard for later, for longer afterwards. That’s the strength of this group. They have incredible karma. They are not necessarily in rivalry. They are out of it. damn. They’re on the production to make, how to do it I’m lucky to live with some amazing young guys.”

Make way for Ugo Mola, the Toulouse coach

Ugo Mola: “No matter the rivalries, the adversaries, they are in the eternal, permanent challenge. The desire to always move forward, to push their limits. They are focused on the performance to be achieved.”

Flament on the last duel against the Rochelais

Thibaud Flament: “We are expecting a very tough match. We have focused on winning. We are ready!”

Dupont on overconfidence

Antoine Dupont: “It is a status that we have known and that we have been able to understand. We must question ourselves and maintain a high threshold of vigilance. It is the experience of this status that can be deceptive. It would be the worst thing if we didn’t play up to our potential.”

Dupont talks about the physical challenge

Antoine Dupont: “We know that it will be a big physical fight. The “big guys” have been warned. The last final, we were in difficulty in this aspect. We know that they have quality players. We know that if we Don’t compete on the physical challenge, we won’t be able to compete.”

Ntamack on the freshness of the group

Romain Ntamack: “The group has always toured and been efficient. This allowed me to regenerate quietly. We put all the chances on our side to arrive as fresh as possible in the final stages. We’ll see if it pays off tomorrow .”

Ntamack on winning the European Cup

Romain Ntamack: “The European Cup brought something extra to our group. We hope that all of this can be seen tomorrow in the Top 14 final stages.”

Dupont on Mbappé’s injury

Antoine Dupont: “The impression that history is repeating itself. We didn’t really know the seriousness at the time. That made me think about it. I hope that it can resume quickly. There are fewer contacts at the rugby I hope they have a happier ending than us.”

Flament: “Glad to have been able to start matches”

Thibaud Flament: “I’m happy to have been able to start matches. The competition is very high here at Stade Toulousain. I tried to change things to respond. Nothing is taken for granted. You always have to keep looking.”

Dupont: “Fresher mentally and physically”

Antoine Dupont: “I think I feel mentally and physically fresher than the other seasons. We know that the seasons are very long. I had a little less playing time. Without getting ahead of myself, I hope that I will be more ready than other seasons.”

Dupont: “We are not yet thinking about the Shield”

Antoine Dupont: “We have a very big deadline tomorrow before talking about a title. It would be wonderful to write a new line in our prize list. We are not yet thinking about the Shield, that would be planning too early.”

Flament: “Everything is to play for”

Thibaud Flament: “We have a history rather in our direction against La Rochelle. These are matches which are decided on details, where nothing is decided in advance. Everything is to be played for tomorrow.”

Ntamack: “A match that will be decided on details”

Romain Ntamack: “We didn’t have too many doubts about the ability to arrive ready for these final stages. Even if they had ups and downs, they found their collective at the best time. We are used to facing each other on tough matches, it will be another close match, which will be decided on details, tomorrow.”

Dupont: “We have to go and vote”

“We have to go vote. We have the chance to express our opinion at the ballot box.”

Dupont: “Managing our workforce”

Antoine Dupont: “We acquired the rhythm well before June. The way we train allows us to maintain high levels of racing. We were fortunate to be able to manage our squad in the best possible way at the end of the season. We hope it brings luck.”

Dupont: “A lot of desire”

Antoine Dupont: “When the final stages, there is an excitement, a flavor. We started with the European Cup. We know that it will be another competition. A lot of desire, excitement, can’t wait to be see you tomorrow.”

4:05 p.m. The players have just arrived

4 p.m. Jo Tekori and the music festival

The former 2nd row of Stade Toulousain, now coach of the Espoirs, was to take over the decks as a DJ in a Toulouse restaurant, this Friday June 21 for the Fête de la Musique. He will finally have something else to do, near Bordeaux… READ HERE.

3:55 p.m. Dupont calls out homophobia

The captain of Stade Toulousain and the XV of France is on the front page of the magazine dedicated to LGBTQ issues, the summer edition of which is to be published this Wednesday, June 19. READ ON OUR SITE.

3:50 p.m. Willis-Kinghorn, the cross interview

Jack Willis and his Scotland teammate Blair Kinghorn are always stuck together when they’re not on the rugby field. A recent but already very strong friendship between the two Britons who are never short of jokes. Meeting before the Stade Toulousain – La Rochelle semi-final, Friday evening at Matmut-Atlantique in Bordeaux (8:15 p.m., Canal +).

3:45 p.m. Hello everyone

Welcome to this live stream to follow the Stade Toulousain press conference with live commentary on the eve of the Top 14 semi-final against Stade Rochelais at Matmut Atlantique in Bordeaux (8:15 p.m.). Press point kicks off at 4:00 p.m.



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