“When you are a multimillionaire…”: Jordan Bardella cannot recover from Kylian Mbappé’s position

“When you are a multimillionaire…”: Jordan Bardella cannot recover from Kylian Mbappé’s position
“When you are a multimillionaire…”: Jordan Bardella cannot recover from Kylian Mbappé’s position

It was a speech that was noticed. This Sunday, June 16, Kylian Mbappé answered questions from journalists during a press conference. When he came to discuss Euro 2024, he did not hesitate to respond and mention the political situation when asked.
Enough to make Jordan Bardella react this Tuesday, June 18. Guest of the show The Big Interview broadcast on Europe 1 And CNews, the president of the National Rally gave a very blunt opinion on the subject. “Is it normal for athletes to use their freedom of expression to engage in the current political debate?”,
he asked first.

The speaking of Kylian Mbappé but also that of his teammates, notably Marcus Thuram, did not affect Jordan Bardella. “If they call for voting against the extremes, I don’t feel targeted,” he said before continuing: “I have a lot of respect for our footballers, whether for Marcus Thuram or for Kylian Mbappé, who are icons of football and icons for youth”. However, Jordan Bardella assures that players should not get involved in politics. “But we must respect the French. We must respect everyone’s vote when we are lucky enough to have a very, very big salary, when we are a multi-millionaire and when we are lucky enough to be able to travel on a private jet.”, he said.

Jordan Bardella: words that are disturbing

If the National Rally wins the next elections, Jordan Bardella could become Emmanuel Macron’s Prime Minister. “I’m a little embarrassed to see these athletes who earn a lot of money giving lessons to people who earn €1,400-1,500” , he continues. Salary is not the only element that Jordan Bardella mentions. “People who can no longer make ends meet, who no longer feel safe and who do not have the chance to live in protected neighborhoods,” he continues.

Jordan Bardella was pretty pumped up
against the speaking of Kylian Mbappé
and he made it known. He notably mentioned the fact that the captain of the France team said he wanted “wear the French jersey with pride after July 7”. Words that the president of the RN does not accept. “I didn’t know that the French team jersey was the government jersey. I find that a bit of a shame”he declared, repeating once again that it is important to “truly respect everyone”,
adding that it was not certain that “these moral lessons are very appreciated by people”

Kylian Mbappé: a player who speaks publicly

Kylian Mbappé is used to giving his opinion. The player does not mince his words, especially regarding the political situation.
We are a generation that can make a difference. The extremes are at the gates of power, we have the opportunity to choose the future of our country” ,
he said. For Kylian Mbappé, it was necessary to speak out on this subject. “I don’t want to represent a country that doesn’t correspond to my values ​​on July 7,” he later said. The captain of the French team used his notoriety to remind people of the importance of voting. “The Euro has a very important place in our careers but we are citizens above all.
We must not be disconnected from the world around us, even less when it concerns our country”did he declare.

Kylian Mbappé wants to focus on competition but also on politics. “We must not hide”, he said. When the journalist asked him if he was calling to “vote against the RN”, the principal concerned simply replied: “I am against extremes and divisive ideas. I was in this position, when I was younger, of telling myself that my voice was not going to change anything. Yes, yes, it will change.”
Knowing that his speech was going to make the rounds on social networks, Kylian Mbappé then recalled: “I know that there are a lot of young people who say to themselves that one vote is not going to change anything. On the contrary, every voice counts.”



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