Celtics, preview of Game 4

Celtics, preview of Game 4
Celtics, preview of Game 4

The Mavericks have never had their backs against the wall so much that one could believe they were stuck in it. Trailing 3-0 in these NBA Finals, with a home game coming up, the only positive outcome for their team is to win the next four games… not easy. In the meantime, the Mavericks can at least avoid the humiliation of a Finals sweep tonight, by taking Game 4 from the Celtics.

Yes, it’s not necessarily fun to approach the end of a Playoff series knowing that a positive outcome is virtually… impossible. Unless your name is Devin Booker, in general the tendency is towards pessimism when you are about to experience a Game 4 without having won a single match in a series in seven. The Mavs were close to getting there in the last two games. They were even able to deal with the absence of Kristaps Porzingis during the last meeting. In the end… two more defeats. The sweep is straight ahead.

Let’s put our foot down. It’s not that we necessarily want to blame, but there is one who is not at the expected level, not so much in terms of basketball but in terms of attitude: Luka Doncic.

Wait a bit before taking out pitchforks and other slingshots. Yes, Luka is injured and can’t be 100%, which creates frustration. Yes despite everything, he is the best player of the Mavericks in this run of the Playoffs. And he still managed to reach the NBA Finals even though he just turned 25. But the one we congratulated on defense in the first series of Playoffs has returned to his old defensive tendencies, those that can be easily targeted. The man whose restraint we praised in May for the control he showed by leaving the referees alone has started talking more to the refs than to his own teammates.

Worse, Luka made four fouls in six big minutes during the last quarter of Game 3, while the Mavs made an insane comeback. This time he literally… gave up Kyrie Irving, who may have struggled like hell, but who did not lead far against the perfect collective of the Celts. And it is again he who did not take his responsibilities at a press conference and who once again blamed the men in gray.

“I don’t want to say nothing but six fouls in the NBA Finals…. like this? Come on man, better than that.” -Luka Doncic pic.twitter.com/7pmXN0vNiu

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