The French are full on all levels… What to remember from the morning at the European Championships

The French are full on all levels… What to remember from the morning at the European Championships
The French are full on all levels… What to remember from the morning at the European Championships

There was indeed a small scare for Makenson Gletty in the 110m hurdles (he missed the start of his heat) but the decathlete was entitled to a second chance and is 27 points from the lead after the discus (6293 for Skotheim and 6266 for Gletty). And while the pole vault is currently taking place at the Olympic stadium, Kevin Mayer is also still on target for his Olympic goal (5th with 6007 pts).

Kandissounon and Bourgoin surprising in the 800 m

For the rest, the Blues were full in the various events. Over 800 m, while she had not seen the final of the steeplechase the day before to go to bed early, Léna Kandissounon did the job by dominating her semi-final (2’00”11) and will be there you of the final on Wednesday.

“I didn’t think I could repeat what I did yesterday (Monday), she explained. But I did it faster. When I decided to attack, I did it frankly and until the end. I think Keely (Hodgkinson, Olympic vice-champion) is untouchable, very concretely. But behind it, it’s super open. You must not let go of anything. Seeing Anaïs do this big time motivated me, we tell ourselves that everything is possible. »

A final where she will meet her compatriot Anaïs Bourgoin who took advantage of the British Hodgkinson to beat her record, qualify and achieve the minimums for the Olympics (2nd in 1’58”65). “It was the dream raceshe said, smiling. It went away very quickly, I didn’t panic. I was patient, I got back to the bell and in the 500m I made the effort. It reassured me to hear the others breathing hard. I managed to put some back. Having Keely in front helped me keep up with her. It held. Being 1’58 is incredible. »

Full on the relays

On the relays, the French also filled up. It was only the heats, but Orlann Oliere, Gémima Joseph, Maroussia Paré and Sarah Richard-Mingas shouted with joy when they saw the time in the 4×100 m: 42″35. Not only did they win the second heat behind the British (best time with 42″25), but in addition they set the best time in ten years for the French team (42″29 in the semi-final of Euro 2014).

“The time is more than good, confirmed Orlann Oliere, the most experienced of the quartet. And whatever the composition, we perform well. » Gémima Joseph completes: “We had the experience in the Bahamas, we made so many groupings, we trust each other, we will take risks, do what we know how to do, in the end we will get what we deserve. »

In the 4×100 m, the Blues (Antoine Thoraval, Jeff Erius, Ryan Zézé, Aymeric Priam) signed the 3rd time in their series, the 4th overall with 38″43 and will be in the final like the two 4×400 m. David Sombé, Gilles Biron, Yann Spillman and Téo Andant won the second series in 3’00″77, best time in the series. Their female counterparts, Sounkamba Sylla, Alexe Déau, Marjorie Veyssière and Amandine Brossier finished second behind Ireland, in a tie with Belgium, in 3’25″15. This is also the second time in the combined ranking .

Kptacha fit at length

France will also be able to count on Hilary Kpatcha in the length final. Some athletes may have been surprised by the bounce of the elevated long jump and triple jump track, but not the Toulouse woman, who “loved the track” and after an adjustment jump to 6.61 m (+0.8 m/s), achieved direct qualification for the final with 6.82 m (+0.8 m/s): “I’m extremely happy, it feels a lot of good. For the final, I want to have fun now, you finally have the rods, because I’ve been struggling with injuries for a while. Let’s build something beautiful for this summer. »

A little in the dark after a strain at the Montgeron meeting on May 19, two days after beating the French javelin record (86.11 m), Teuraiterai Tupaia was perfectly reassured in qualifying this Tuesday. With a throw of 81.46 m on the third attempt, he did not obtain direct qualification at 82 meters but he should compete in his first final in a major Senior Championship on Wednesday. The second competition begins at 2:25 p.m.



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