Toulouse. A gala platter on the Argoulets cancha

Toulouse. A gala platter on the Argoulets cancha
Toulouse. A gala platter on the Argoulets cancha

the essential
Stade Toulousain pelote is organizing the second edition of the Toulouse International Tournament on May 30 and June 1.

After the success of the 2023 edition, the world’s best paleta leather and pala corta players will meet this weekend at the Fronton des Argoulets, in Toulouse, for the first event of the Fronton Series. Spaniards, Argentines and French (including 3 Toulouse and 1 Portésien) will come to start the race for points which will allow them at the end of the season to qualify for the prestigious finals, organized this year in Brive.

This event in six stages over six months will see players compete against each other on Friday, with the winners continuing the next day in finals allowing them to earn points. The accumulation of these points allows the four best to qualify for the final stage which will designate the best in their category.

For those in the know, the oppositions will be as follows from Friday:

> Paleta leather (18 hours): Hourçourigaray-Picard against Gavillet – Hourmat.

> Pala corta (7 p.m.): Dardenne-Trannoy / Sanz-Skufca.

> Paleta leather (8 p.m.): Brian-Insausti / Landeta-Maldonado.

> Pala corta (9 p.m.): Moura-Imanol / Baeza-Brefel.

These games with very high level players, always spectacular, promise a great atmosphere, it will be the same at the bodega and the tavern offered by the “rouge et noir” club.

Entry is free for minors and several prices range from €10 for a single entry to €35 for two evenings with meals at the Bodega.

It is advisable to reserve your place, your meals or simply to obtain some information from Philipe Trannoy (07 63 54 60 17).

One thing is certain: the balls will hit hard at Argoulets!



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