Formula 1 | Marko: The teams copy us, some do better

Red Bull Racing now finds itself under great pressure in both championships in 2024.

The performances of the recent evolutions of McLaren and Ferrari put Max Verstappen and his team in danger and domination such as that seen in 2023 is already ancient history.

The Dutchman could, however, still emerge victorious but Dr Helmut Marko, team consultant, admits that the situation is becoming difficult… especially on the side of the 2nd driver, Sergio Perez. It is therefore a risk for the constructors’ championship.

“We are now in the third year of the current regulations, and the others are copying us – some are doing better, and you see the result now at McLaren. But Ferrari has also been constantly developing to get to our level with their own concept ,” notes Marko.

Marko admits, however, that his two drivers are not entirely responsible for the poor Monaco GP weekend.

“Our two drivers came to Monte Carlo enthusiastically, saying the car was going very well on the curbs in the simulator. But as soon as they got in the car they said it was out of control.”

There are rumors of a decision regarding Sergio Perez for the month of June. Marko qualifies a lot this admits that Perez needs to ensure he is always closer to Verstappen in the sister car as the pressure from Ferrari and McLaren is now critical.

“It is very difficult, if not impossible, for Sergio to perform at Max’s level. But he must be closer.”

“We need to analyze how things went so wrong for him in Monaco.”

“With Ferrari now just 24 points behind Red Bull in the constructors’ standings, it is extremely important to us that both cars score points.”

“A decision on Perez will be made soon, taking into account how Ferrari and McLaren have significantly closed the gap.”

Enough to suggest that the Mexican’s performances are no longer sufficient in the current state of things. What finally means to say yes to Carlos Sainz? A tenure for Yuki Tsunoda is also considered.



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