Athletics: ‘We’re all here, we all want to win,’ says Shericka Jackson | TV5MONDE

Athletics: ‘We’re all here, we all want to win,’ says Shericka Jackson | TV5MONDE
Athletics: ‘We’re all here, we all want to win,’ says Shericka Jackson | TV5MONDE

Double world champion in the 200 meters Shericka Jackson will be one of the attractions of the Oslo meeting on Thursday evening, where she will look to accelerate after a mixed return to Morocco and with a month remaining before the formidable Jamaican selections for the Olympics.

Question: You had a mixed return to Morocco (22 sec 82 at the beginning of May), how have you worked since then?

Answer: “With my trainer we changed a few things in training and after the Marrakech meeting we readjusted quite a few points, in particular concerning my weight. I think we worked well these last two weeks to lose a little, we are not yet where we would like to be in terms of weight but there is still a month (before the Jamaican selections for the Olympics) and things are falling into place, things are going in the right direction .”

Q: How do you manage the competition in the Jamaican sprint, with the Olympic selections arriving at the end of June?

“I don’t think it’s any extra pressure, you just have to be yourself, train hard and focus on yourself. When you’re on a starting line, you only have one line to follow and that’s it. what I try to focus on, both in training and in competition.”

“When I was young, I watched Shelly-Ann (Fraser-Pryce) and today I know that when she is there, she will respond so you have to make sure that we have tightened the points (laughs) . I think it’s good to compete with athletes who are difficult to beat because I know that I have to be at the top, that I can’t make mistakes because we’re all there, we’re all there. everyone wants to win.”

Q: You have never won an individual Olympic title and you hear a lot about the 200 meters world record… How do you manage these expectations?

“In 2021 I wanted my first title and I didn’t even make it to the 200 final (eliminated in the heats). So yes it’s something I’m looking forward to achieving and I hope that will be the case at the end of the Games this summer.”

“For the world record, yes it’s something that we have in mind but that I’m not going to shout from the rooftops. For me personally, when I produce a good race I know that I will have a good time and that everything is possible, but the record is not something that I go after in every race or something that I focus on.”

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