Narbonne-Montauban Dam: at the end of the season, an insufficient reaction from the USM to claim direct maintenance

Narbonne-Montauban Dam: at the end of the season, an insufficient reaction from the USM to claim direct maintenance
Narbonne-Montauban Dam: at the end of the season, an insufficient reaction from the USM to claim direct maintenance

the essential
After its nightmarish series of seven consecutive defeats, US Montauban has raised its head a little during the last five days. Particularly thanks to two successes on home soil. And by going for a defensive bonus point in Aurillac. Results which give him one last chance to aim to remain in Pro D2 by playing in the play-off against Narbonne, Sunday June 2 (3 p.m.).

A season sometimes doesn’t mean much. To an improbable drop in the last minute of a match like that of Jérôme Bosviel, the opener of US Montauban, in Agen on December 15, 2023. To a player who does not know that he finds himself in the -goal and pass rather than flatten: the same Bosviel, in the 70th minute of the 15th day in Dax (0-7).

A successful last-second transformation from the sidelines by Agenais Thomas Vincent during Lot-et-Garonnaise’s victory at Sapiac. And, sometimes, a liberating interception from Simon Renda.

The reaction brought to life by Lewis Bean

Friday April 12, 2024, a small miracle occurs. Led, even mishandled, the USM will experience an almost unexpected turnaround. This time, finally, the coin lands on the right side. This narrow match against Nevers could, however, have pushed President Jean-Claude Maillard’s men a little further into crisis. Until the hour mark (3-16), worry, almost resignation, loomed over the Montalbanese ranks.

Hope returns to the 64e minute, thanks to a strong try from Lewis Bean after a period of domination by the Tarn-et-Garonnais. The stands are pushing, the supporters are singing, the whole area is saying that perhaps there is something to be done. She won’t wait long.

Lightning by Simon Renda

On a skipped pass from Yohan Le Bourhis, the Nivernais opener, a green and black jersey springs out in the middle of the field: Simon Renda. After forty meters of running under a huge ovation, there is liberation. The player on loan from Stade Toulousain places the ball behind the line and sees Ivan Reilhac, Montalban’s top scorer of the season, fall into his arms first. Facing the poles, Thomas Fortunel transforms (17-16). Uson will not come back.

Sapiac is still vibrating a month later. This time, Mont-de-Marsan presents itself in Montauban with the ambition of scoring points. The bet held until the 50th minute, thanks in particular to three tries. But on the dismissal of the last, Kyllian Ringuet sounds revolt. He catches a ball at altitude before passing it to Shaun Venter who just has to dive (20-24 then 23-24).

Everything depends on the last day

A quarter of an hour from the end, Jérôme Bosviel, replacing at kick-off, passes a penalty on a voluntary forward, putting USM in front (26-24). For the last of the story in the historic Sapiac, the Montalbanais have provided the essentials and keep their destiny in hand before the last day.

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An essential success since at the same time, Rouen, the red lantern, acquired a victory with offensive bonus against Soyaux-Angoulême (41-18) bringing it back to two units from Tarn-et-Garonnais. Everything will be decided on the last day. The Normans move onto the Montois pitch, dejected at losing the qualification which was waiting for them.

The Montalbanais move to Cantal. Aurillac, who won in Valencia, has nothing to play for but wants to offer a good outing to its emblematic third row Latuka Maituku. With 80 minutes to go before the end of the season, the USM does not yet know that it will, once again, go through all the emotions.



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