Pro D2 – “It’s in our DNA”: Grenoble can count on its local youth for this half in Aix-en-Provence

Pro D2 – “It’s in our DNA”: Grenoble can count on its local youth for this half in Aix-en-Provence
Pro D2 – “It’s in our DNA”: Grenoble can count on its local youth for this half in Aix-en-Provence

With young people from its training center or surrounding areas, Grenoble held the bar in a turbulent season. Ultimately, it is with this talented youth that it can still aspire to a title, before certain members of the hard core disperse far from Place Grenette.

It is at its Source that the FCG finds its good. If the Isère squad includes a few foreign players like Sam Davies, Pierce Phillips, Talalelei Gray and Giorgi Javakhia, many local talents have had the opportunity to fully establish themselves there. To the point of finding their place in the 23, and for some in the starting XV. This was particularly the case, for example, against Dax during the play-off match for the final phase, when Grenoble crushed the Landais 58 to 10. In all, twelve players who had passed through the training center were registered on the match sheet. Barnabé Massa (20 years old), José Madeira (23), the brothers Hugo (21) and Romain Trouilloud (23), Romain Fusier (24), Mathis Sarragallet (23), Nathan Farissier (23), Eli Eglaine (23), Thibault Martel (25), Max Clément (20) and Irakli Aptsiauri (21). Not to mention Antonin Berruyer, absent due to injury, or even Steeve Blanc-Mappaz (33 years old), tireless captain and attached more than anyone to his FCG.

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Another purebred Grenoblois was also on the pitch: Régis Montagne, 23 years old. Powered by Stéphane Glas, he gradually found his feet at the Stade des Alpes. From his very first license at FCG in 2010, through his professional debut during the 2019-2020 season, he became the starter on the right of the first line and one of the French talents in the position. Accompanied by friends, play brothers whom he has known since he was very young, he recounts this alchemy. “We practically know each other by heart. It’s easier to find our bearings when we’re together on the pitch. We understand each other quickly. The difficult times we’ve had this year go better when they’re your friends. We are all from Grenoble or nearby, there is a fairly strong core. » If he will leave next season for Clermont, the solid man (1.86 m and 132 kg) does not want to be overwhelmed by emotions and even less believe in the end of the season this Thursday.

“I think we inevitably wet our jerseys more”

In Aix-en-Provence, they will want to continue to show this common attachment. A bond that is illustrated by the courage we can have for others, the work done and the support also for those we have seen grow alongside them. “Against Dax, there was a moment where we took a try after a counter on a clearance from Hugo Trouilloud. After that, six or seven of us go to see him together to pat him on the head and make him understand that it doesn’t matter, that we will make up for it. It’s in our DNA, we will always fight for each other. If you watch the images again, it’s quite telling, it’s a strong sequence. » But this year, before arriving at this orgy of rugby against Dax or even this breathtaking and happy finish, Grenoble struggled. The withdrawal points in the standings, the movements of the staff and the impression at times that the dream of the final phase is too big, so many challenges that the FCG was able to overcome with its kids.

Hugo Trouilloud greeted by his teammates during the play-off against Dax.
Icon Sport – Romain Biard

Second most used player this season, Romain Trouilloud is grateful. “It’s even more important to fight for the club that made us grow, that gave us the confidence to discover the professional world. I think we inevitably wear our jerseys more when we come from the training center.” On the lawn of Maurice-David, the Isérois do not envisage anything other than a continuation of their Dantesque journey. “For those who are going to leave, who come from the club or the region, we want to fight and get the maximum to reward them for their journey and their involvement at the club. We want to get this title in Toulouse, which We didn’t know how to take last year.” Only two more matches to achieve this wish…



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