Marc Bergevin experiences a triple public humiliation

Marc Bergevin, once considered one of the most promising leaders in ice hockey, saw his professional career collapse spectacularly.

His dream of becoming general manager of the Columbus Blue Jackets was recently shattered, adding another layer of bitterness to an already precarious situation.

This blow is all the more severe because it was Don Waddell, one of his long-time rivals, who was named president of hockey operations, general manager and governor of the Blue Jackets.

No need to remind you of the Bergevin vs Waddell conflict with Bergy’s hostile offer for Sebastian Aho, then Waddell’s hostile offer for Kotkaniemi.

This news had the effect of a bomb for Bergevin. After devoting years of his life to building a respectable career, notably as general manager of the Montreal Canadiens, where he experienced ups and downs, this non-appointment is a real blow.

Seeing Waddell, someone he often faced on the NHL stage, take the Triple Crown of positions with the Blue Jackets is a tough pill to swallow.

For Marc Bergevin, it’s more than just a missed opportunity. This is a public humiliation. He, who hoped to restore his image and regain a place of choice in the elite of “sports management”, finds himself relegated to the shadows, watching from afar Waddell flourish in the role he so coveted.

The pain is all the more acute because it is not only a professional defeat, but an attack on his ego and his prestige.

Bergevin will have to swallow his disappointment and continue his work as an assistant in Los Angeles, hoping with all his heart that Rob Blake ends up losing his job.

The NHL scene can be unforgiving, and Bergevin is paying the price. Hallway rumors and discussions on the web only amplify his unease.

Scathing comments and harsh criticisms come from all sides, highlighting his brutal fall. This situation could well mark a decisive turning point in his career, forcing him to reconsider his options and face a cruel reality: that of declining recognition and professional respect.

The black shame that accompanies it is palpable. Marc Bergevin, once synonymous with success and innovation in the world of hockey, must now deal with the shadow of his failure and the dazzling rise of Don Waddell.

For a man of his stature, this situation is a waking nightmare, a deep wound to pride and dignity.

Ouch…in every sense of the word…



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