PSG “I dream of becoming a good person, on and off the pitch,” says Senny MAYULU, Titi d’Or 2023

The vote took place in December 2023 by secret ballot and rewards them for their qualities both on and off the field. Six months later, on May 21, 2024, the trophy presentation took place at the PSG Campus in Poissy. After receiving their reward from Anthony Vivien, founder of the “Les Titis du PSG” association, Naolia and Senny took part in the cross-interview game, answering questions from Pia Clemens and Anthony.


You are aware that you won the Titi d’Or trophy last December. Tell us how you reacted and what you felt when you found out?

Naolia Traoré – I learned it at the amphitheater, with all the players. I was proud to receive this trophy. I didn’t think I was going to get it because I said to myself: “There are girls who are pro… Anaïs, Tara…” But when I received it, I was proud and I still am.

Senny Mayulu – I was surprised, I didn’t expect it. When I was told, I was very happy. It’s a Source of great pride and I thank everyone who voted for me. Honestly, I’m very happy.

What does this individual trophy represent?

Naolia Traoré – I worked… I worked. So when I received this trophy, I said to myself: “This is all I have done every day, for years.” And it’s a great Source of pride.

Senny Mayulu – It’s good because it’s a trophy, really, which comes from the club. It’s for those at the training center, so yes, it’s a great Source of pride. That’s all the work we’ve done since the beginning. From the pre-training, now the training… it pays off.

This trophy rewards your qualities on the field, but also the person you are. Tell us a little about yourself.

Naolia Traoré – I am a very, very smiling person. I laugh a little all the time. I try to bring joy everywhere with the girls. And then, they know it, and that’s how I am!

Senny Mayulu – I’m a little more… a little more discreet. With people I don’t really know, I’m discreet. You might think I’m angry all the time, but I’m not at all. If you know me well, you know that I am smiling, I laugh a lot with people.

Can you be crazy too?

Senny Mayulu – From time to time [Rires]. Afterwards, I am a humble person. I like talking to people, all that… Getting to know them.

So you’re curious about the others?

Senny Mayulu – Yes.

Naolia Traore and Senny Mayulu interviewed by Pia Clemens and Anthony Vivien © Radio France
Fabrizio Habibou

And your qualities on the field?

Naolia Traoré – I am attacking, and eccentric too. I am an athletic person. I like to make the effort, sometimes a little too much. I’m more technical, faster. And altruistic too. In front of the cages, we can also shoot but if my teammate is in a better position, I will pass to her.

Senny Mayulu – I’m a midfielder, more of an attacking midfielder. I’m a technical person. I have a good vision of the game and I like to make others score, to score… And I learned a new trick this year: I like to defend now!

Was it Luis Enrique who taught you how to defend? [Rires]

Senny Mayulu – Yes I think, and it’s also the system that does that.

It was time !

Senny Mayulu – Yeah… [Rires]

Naolia, a word for Anaïs Ebayilin and Tara Elimbi-Gilbert, who finished behind you on the podium?

Naolia Traoré – Let them continue to do what they do professionally. I am very proud of what they do. I am proud of Anaïs. She signed her first contract very early, anyway. She is very young. And I hope she can continue what she does professionally. And for Tara, let her continue. She’s been with the pros for two years now and I hope she succeeds in everything she has to do later.

And you Senny, a word for Joane Gadou and Yoram Zague?

Senny Mayulu – Already, congratulations to them because they are on the podium. Whether it was them who won or me, I was still going to be happy since they are my teammates every day. I’m with them all the time. Joane, it’s good because he’s young. There, he is already with the professional group and frankly, I am very happy with what he is doing. And Yoram the same, I am very proud of him. He also marked his birthday! Honestly, it’s great.

Can you tell us in a few words about your young career?

Naolia Traoré – I started playing football at the age of eight, in the town where I lived, in Fosses, in the 95 [au club de l’Union Fosses Football]. I started with the boys, I continued with the girls. Afterwards, I went to Sarcelles [au club de l’AAS Sarcelles] for three years and I had very, very good coaches who helped me a lot. Then I went to the France center in Clairefontaine for a year. And then I had contacts with PSG, I did internships, and I came to the club [à l’été 2023].

Senny Mayulu – I started playing football at the age of five in Epinay-sur-Seine. [à l’Académie de Football d’Épinay-sur-Seine]. Then, I was recruited by Paris Saint-Germain at twelve years old. I arrived in U13 at pre-training. Afterwards, I followed the pre-training and training course and now, here I am.

Naolia Traore and Senny Mayulu
Naolia Traore and Senny Mayulu
The PSG Titis

If you could thank one person for this journey, who would it be?

Naolia Traoré – I would like to say thank you to those around me, to my teammates, to my family, but mainly to my father, because he was always there. From the start, he was the one who accompanied me to the matches. Even if it was far away, he was coming? And even there, today, he is still there. And even when I have my “low blows”, when I’m not doing very well, he’s always there, motivating me.

Senny Mayulu – I would like to say thank you to my grandfather because he was the one who got me into football. He played football before, in Congo. Then he came to France and he trained me with my big brother and my little brother. He trained us since we were little. It’s thanks to him, basically, if I’m in football. And really, I want to say a big, big, big thank you.

This Titi d’Or represents a great milestone. What would be your biggest dream for the future?

Naolia Traoré – My biggest dream already is to sign my first professional contract. But it’s not a dream, it’s a goal. A dream?… It would be to have fun playing football, and to do great things. Pleasure first. Because football is a game. And I have to be happy to play football.

And you Senny? First, tell us about signing your contract [qui s’est tenue la veille de l’enregistrement]…

Senny Mayulu – I learned this last week. Well… We didn’t have the date yet. I learned that. Yesterday I came with my family and frankly, it was an unforgettable moment. It will stay etched in my head forever. For me and my whole family, I think. My grandfather, of course, was there. Obliged ! Frankly, I signed… but for me, in reality, it’s as if he was the one who signed. Because I owe him everything.

And what did your grandfather say to you yesterday?

Senny Mayulu – No, him… He doesn’t reveal his feelings too much. He is modest. But no, honestly, I had a great time yesterday, with my whole family, it was great.

Yesterday, by signing for PSG, you made a dream come true. You have more left, I imagine?

Senny Mayulu – I’d like to… win trophies like everyone else. Collectives, individuals. Becoming a good person off and on the field, of course. And progress in everything I do in life.



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