Alouettes: Charleston Rambo, more than a fabulous name and an ugly number

Alouettes: Charleston Rambo, more than a fabulous name and an ugly number
Alouettes: Charleston Rambo, more than a fabulous name and an ugly number

SAINT-JÉRÔME – Receiver Charleston Rambo has a fabulous name, he exudes this intriguing confidence – some would say swag –, he even manages to make number 76 look good and he could excel in the CFL.

Saturday evening, after his performance of four catches for 71 yards during the Alouettes’ first preparatory game, quarterback Cody Fajardo was happy to praise his work.

“We really have a multitude of good receivers. He learned our playbook really well and played high-level college football. This match was not too intimidating for him,” said Fajardo.

“I wish I had so many swag than him, continued Fajardo. He is the only receiver who can stand out with the number 76 on his back. »

Fajardo said it with a laugh, but it’s obvious that the receivers don’t want anything to do with wearing such a number.

“I’m definitely not happy with this number, but I’m going to make sure I make some plays with this one.” If I get a spot on the team, I’m going to change him and make sure the new guy completes several games. I don’t worry about it too much and I love it, right now, because it’s mine,” said Rambo, who wore number 11 at Miami University and 14 at Oklahoma University.

Originally from Texas, Rambo dreamed of playing for Miami University and he began his transfer when he was not able to stand out so much with Oklahoma where he played with quarterback Jalen Hurts for a season.

In Miami, Rambo shone brightly with 79 catches, 1,172 yards and seven touchdowns compared to a total production, in four years, at Oklahoma of 76 receptions, 1,180 yards and 9 touchdowns.

Trials with the Carolina Panthers and Philadelphia Eagles were unsuccessful so the Alouettes entered the equation.

Except that the Alouettes had to work very hard to convince him to move to the CFL. Rambo thought he would get another opportunity in the NFL, but he ended up accepting the challenge.

We have to admit that the challenge does not seem too great for the six-foot-one, 185-pound speed merchant. Moreover, his speed sets him apart among the other Alouettes receivers for long gains.

“An Eagles scout suggested I look at him, he saw a player who needed development and that the CFL would give him that opportunity,” explained general manager Danny Maciocia.

“After our last preseason game (Friday in Ottawa), we could discuss finding a way to keep him. We see that he has the talent to play and dominate in the CFL,” Maciocia dared to say.

Head coach Jason Maas has a habit of being less flamboyant than his good friend and boss in his statements. That said, he seems convinced by the talent of the 24-year-old American.

“Every day involves learning for him, we deploy more of our attack so he adjusts to our playbook which he assimilates. It’s a different football, but he works hard every day, he’s very studious and he invests extra time,” Maas began.

“As for his athletic skills, they are noticed right away, everyone can see them. He must finish the camp on a good note,” he added.

If we had to get wet, we would say that the challenge will be to find him a satisfactory place in the training. The Alouettes already have good depth among receivers and it’s hard to imagine Rambo waiting with his weapons on the practice team.

The main person concerned said he was confident of convincing the Montreal general staff.

“Yes, no doubt. No matter the offensive system, I want my name to shine. I’m not going to be intimidated by anything,” reacted the receiver.

Rambo sometimes speaks in the third person, which one would perhaps want to do with such a name. He believes he can demonstrate more against the Red and Black.

“I will be grateful for what I am given and I will make sure I succeed in games so that my name is known and it does not matter what number I wear,” he said, pronounced 76 in French. .

“I’m going to do whatever it takes to stay with the team. I even want to do more than what is asked of me, I pay attention to the details,” said Rambo.

When asked to describe his family’s reaction to learning he was trying his luck in Canada, Rambo was less than enthusiastic. On the other hand, his loved ones can’t wait to come see him play on Canadian soil. If he continues this way, they will not be disappointed with their trip.



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