Mark Van Bommel’s superb emotion: “Thank you too, with your shitty questions…” – Tout le football

We had never seen Mark Van Bommel in such a state as this Sunday after the victory against Anderlecht. The Dutch coach also said goodbye to the press, whom he always teased.

Mark Van Bommel’s final press conference in Antwerp was a great moment of emotion. From the outset, we notice that the Dutch coach is very emotional, but he tries to contain himself. “Ask your questions,” he says with a falsely confident air.

“For your part, you only see the matches, the defeats and the victories, that’s all. But when you know everything that happens behind the scenes, in training… What we have achieved makes me proud and I will miss it,” assures Van Bommel.

The victory against Anderlecht made it possible to punctuate an average season in a positive way. “It was one of our best matches in my eyes, because it was the last. Giving everything, that’s what the public expects from us,” he continues.

Mark Van Bommel can’t hold back his tears

That’s when the emotion really started. Van Bommel’s voice began to crack as he poured himself a glass of water. “Once again, I am very proud. The way the players and fans said goodbye to me, that also says a lot,” he continued with tears in his eyes.

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The Dutch coach then found it very difficult to continue, and had to stop. Turning to Patrick Goots, Antwerp legend and consultant, he said: “Godverdomme Patje, you’ve never seen me like that, have you?”

“That emotion means you identify with your club. That’s the hardest thing as a coach, immersing yourself in a club, but once you have that feeling (he pauses again).. .

Even for the press, with whom he has always had a very relaxed relationship but sometimes full of sarcasm, Mark Van Bommel will have a little word. “Thank you also to you and your shitty questions. I will miss even that,” he concludes, before leaving to the applause of the press room. Rare images, for a gentleman’s farewell.



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