Ligue 1 – Cheikh Gueye, coach: “Teungueth has been the most consistent team over the last six months”

Cheikh Gueye, the coach of Teungueth FC, shares his emotions after the historic victory in Ligue 1 at the microphone of Wiwsport. Despite the challenges encountered, including the loss of key players, the Senegalese technician highlights the solidarity and cohesion within his team, highlighting the absence of individual stars. He insists on the importance of the mind in their triumphant journey to the title.

Coach, you are finally champion, what are your impressions?

Teungueth has been the most consistent team over the last 6 months, and I think we have to thank the president for unlocking the necessary means for us to get to this point. I would also like to thank all my staff, without them I am nothing, as well as all the populations of Rufisque, Casamance, Pikine, Fatick and elsewhere who supported us. A special mention to my childhood friends who accompanied me, and a special mention also to my family. You know, this job is very difficult, sometimes I say that a trainer cannot gain weight; I think that over the last 2 months, I have lost 6 to 7 kilos. But this is the price to pay because this population is happy. Every time I come home, I tell myself that this population, their pride, rests on our shoulders. Today, whatever we may say, we must thank the good Lord, because we can be good and not win, or not be good and win. Today we were good and we won, and I think we have to thank the good Lord for that. It is God who gives. We will thank him properly and remain humble, because the season is not over yet. There is still the Senegal Cup to play. It is difficult to make an intervention today, because we are extremely satisfied with the work accomplished.

The season was long, with its ups and downs. How did you manage all this?

A good coach must not only perform technically, physically and tactically, but also mentally. Teungueth experienced very difficult defeats, such as the defeat (4-3) at home against Guédiawaye. If we did not have the necessary mental resources, we would not have been able to get back up. We also lost against Pikine, a very difficult match. Yesterday, to prepare for this match, I would like to thank Cheikh Fall, who helped our technical team, as well as a psychology professor, who took an hour yesterday to do a mental coaching session with the players. This shows how mentally strong you have to be to succeed, as our opponents were often tough. To get there, we had to fight. We must also congratulate our opponents, including Jaraaf, Dakar SC and all the other teams. Without them, we would not be competitive. Today, Teungueth was competitive because we had Jaraaf behind us. I think we should congratulate these teams and their presidents. Maybe next year they will be champions. We remain humble.

At what point in the season did you realize that playing for the title was possible?

Since the match against Sonacos, when we won. We said we shouldn’t lose this match. It was the same against Casa Sports. But we knew very well that against Jaraaf it would be very difficult to win. Against AS Pikine, a team that plays nothing at all but is difficult to beat, and we also knew that even today against Génération Foot, it wouldn’t be easy. Since we won against Sonacos, because before playing against Sonacos, it was a decisive match. So winning against Sonacos, winning against Casa Sports, these are decisive matches to win the title.

Wasn’t it easy, especially after losing two of your best players mid-season?

That’s team sport too, because when we lost Mbaye Jacques and Pa Oumar, it was not at all obvious, neither on the president’s side nor on my side. But Teungueth has no star, this team has no star. I usually say today that no player is essential, no player is more important than the team. These players who left, we must also congratulate them, because they were with us during the first phase and thanks to them, we won these matches.



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