Between the prefecture and the Lyonnais, the versions differ

Between the prefecture and the Lyonnais, the versions differ
Between the prefecture and the Lyonnais, the versions differ

Clashes between supporters of the two clubs before the Coupe de France final at a motorway tollbooth left 30 lightly injured and 8 among the police.

Despite weeks of preparation, OL, PSG and the authorities were unable to avoid clashes between ultras before the Coupe de France final on Saturday in Lille. And when it comes time to take stock, everyone passes the buck.

According to information collected from the Northern prefecture, 18 Parisian buses and 15 Lyon buses transporting the ultras were expected for the meeting classified as very high risk.

To avoid any risk of overflows, the Lyon coaches had to meet at 3:15 p.m. at the Rumaucourt area (Pas-de-Calais), on the A26, in order to be escorted by 80 CRS police officers to the stadium, distant about sixty kilometers.

The Parisian buses had to meet on another highway, 15 km further and 1 hour 15 minutes later: at 4:30 p.m. in a parking lot at the Fresnes-lès-Montauban toll booth (Pas-de-Calais), on the A1, also expected there by 80 CRS police officers.

That’s when the plan went awry, we explained to the prefecture. “Of the 15 ultra buses from Lyon, eight parked at the Fresnes-lès-Montauban area before the arrival of the Parisians”, not respecting the meeting point.

The police officers get the OL fans back into their coaches to leave as quickly as possible for the stadium before the Parisian buses arrive at the same area.

“Unintelligible to reason”

Seven Lyon buses remain, still on the way. Four arrive at the area predefined for them in Rumaucourt, but three are late, according to the prefecture. When these three late buses arrive, one does not stop and goes directly to the Fresnes tollbooth.

“Seeing this, the authorities are encouraging supporters of the six remaining Lyon buses to go back up to catch up with the bus which has not stopped,” continues this same Source.

Too late: the Lyon coach arrives alone and without escort at the Fresnes tollbooth. “This is where the incidents with nearby Parisian supporters take place,” she said.

Blows are exchanged, smoke bombs are thrown from both sides. One of them caused the Lyon bus to catch fire, which was completely burned.

“Very violent brawls,” summarized the prefect of the North, Bertrand Gaume, on Saturday evening. “We had people in front of us who were unintelligible to reason, but whom we were able to separate quickly” thanks to the escorts of the two convoys, we assure the prefecture.

“Clear error of route”

Results: 30 minor injuries among supporters (bruises, contusions, etc.) and eight among the police, according to the Northern prefecture. The Lyon bus “should never have been on this road, because as the authorities planned, it was exclusively reserved for Parisian supporters”, insisted Saturday evening the Collectif ultras Paris, according to which Parisians had to ” defend”.

But according to Olympique Lyonnais, “the buses chartered by the KOP Virage Nord supporters went to the correct meeting point for the police escort, where they were taken care of by the police , with, for some, a delay following a traffic accident during departure.

And it was the “police escort” who decided, “for reasons yet to be determined”, to “pass seven Lyon coaches among the 18 Parisian coaches gathered at the Fresnes toll booth”. A “clear error of course” which led to violence whose origin is, according to the club, not “clearly established”. Requested by AFP, PSG could not immediately be reached.

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