Switzerland will challenge the Czechs in the final of the Hockey World Cup

Switzerland will challenge the Czechs in the final of the Hockey World Cup
Switzerland will challenge the Czechs in the final of the Hockey World Cup

After 2013 in Stockholm and 2018 in Copenhagen, Switzerland is back in the final. And this time, it was after a series of penalties that the Helvetii qualified. Kevin Fiala and Sven Andrighetto were the scorers during this session. Unlike the final in 2018 against Sweden and the quarter-final in Riga in 2021 against Germany, Switzerland did not give in in this exercise.

Switzerland could, however, have lost everything after conceding a penalty for an overcount 38 seconds from the end of the third period, but the box-play held. Canada also committed a surplus in overtime, but Switzerland did not take advantage of it either.

A record for Fiala

Switzerland, on the other hand, took advantage of its power play. Excellent since the start of the competition but at half mast against Germany, the Swiss power play woke up at the best time.

In the 16th minute, it was Kevin Fiala who sent a missile into the top corner to open the scoring. The Saint-Gallois also participated in the conception of the 2-0 in the 18th by serving Roman Josi who saw his shot deflected by Nino Niederreiter.

With these two points, Fiala has already broken the record for points scored by a Swiss player during the modern era of the World Championship. Thirteen points for the new dad compared to 12 points for Denis Malgin in 2022 and Roman Josi so far this year.

The middle third allowed us to see more enterprising Canadians, especially due to two Swiss penalties. And without it being completely deserved, the maple leaf players were able to reduce the score in the 35th by Brandon Tanev.

But looking more closely at the scene, we saw that it was Andrea Glauser’s skate that redirected the puck into the net. Infuriating for the LHC defender who was unable to prevent the puck from slipping gently behind Leonardo Genoni’s line.

Huge Genoni

A Leonardo Genoni who was immense during this semi-final, especially before Fiala opened the score, but also in the 41st in front of Tavares and Tanev. The seven-time Swiss champion goalkeeper kept his team afloat when the Canadians exerted a lot of pressure. He had to admit defeat in the 58th minute on John Tavares’ equalizer, but was imperial in the penalty shootout.

It is also appropriate to highlight the work of Calvin Thürkauf and Christoph Bertschy. Partners in the second line, aligned in numerical inferiority, the Lugano striker and the Friborg player put in considerable work while rarely releasing the pressure on their opponents.

But to reach a final at the World Cup, it goes without saying that all the players made their contribution. From the “NHL” line to the one piloted by Gaëtan Haas, including that of the Zougois.



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