Formula 1 | Disappointment for Red Bull who have an F1 ‘too difficult to drive in Monaco’

6th time for Max Verstappen in qualifying in Monaco: it’s logical after yesterday but a disappointment after Q1 and Q2 where the Red Bull driver managed to show a pace worthy of the top 3.

Unfortunately, Verstappen made a mistake on his final fast lap when he touched the rails and was unable to make a second run.

“It’s like that. We have to try everything here but I don’t think we could have matched Charles’ time. But the top 3 was possible.”

“We have a very difficult car to drive here, we managed to calm it down compared to yesterday but several corners give us problems and do not allow us to get the last tenths.”

“6th is not great for tomorrow, let’s hope for a bit of a lively race up front but Ferrari and McLaren have big pace. If it’s a simple race there’s not much you can do. The cars are so wide and so big you can’t overtake. We’re going to try to stay with them. We don’t have the fastest car.”

“It’s not like we qualified out of position, so we can’t use the pace advantage. We’ll see what happens.”

Verstappen was asked why Red Bull was uncomfortable.

“I’m not disappointed with our position, I’m disappointed with our performance. It wasn’t a surprise to me because I knew our limitations this weekend. It was bad. I can’t take any curbs. “

“In the intermediate sector, I go around the curbs. I feel like I’m driving a kart, without suspension or damping.”

“It was very difficult for us. I felt really comfortable in the high speed corners, at least it was nice, but at low speed we lose too much, where it’s bumpy and the car jumps .”

As for whether this is a track specific issue: “That’s definitely the case. There are still a few tracks coming up where it’s bumpy and you have to get the right kerbs. That’s definitely a limitation for us.”

Sergio Pérez was eliminated in Q1, with only the 18th fastest time. A disaster for the Mexican.

“I had traffic on my lap, enough to lose a handful of tenths. We didn’t manage to put everything together, and we are eliminated. It’s a bad day for me because I didn’t nothing to hope for tomorrow, we are totally overwhelmed and going back up will be a big challenge.”

“We found solutions, we were fifth this morning but we didn’t manage to get into the rhythm. As usual, you have to manage to get a lap when you can, and with the traffic, it’s not was not enough.”

Team principal Christian Horner admits Red Bull are in trouble this weekend.

“It was difficult all weekend. The car is not adapted to the characteristics of this circuit.”

“Until this last run, everything between second and sixth place was at stake, but unfortunately we were unable to participate in this last run with Max’s fault.”

“The first sector was strong for us. Our concerns are mainly the tight hairpin, then turn five and turn 10.”

“The race is almost over for Sergio without Safety Cars. But we will try to come back fighting.”

“Our race pace was pretty good, but I’m not sure we can demonstrate it depending on how the traffic changes.”



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