Arslanbek Makhmudov quickly returns to victory

Arslanbek Makhmudov quickly returns to victory
Arslanbek Makhmudov quickly returns to victory

(Shawinigan) Arslanbek Makhmudov wanted to forget his last performance against Agit Kabayev. It’s mission accomplished on this side.

Posted at 11:06 p.m.

Frédéric Daigle

The Canadian Press

Miljan Rovcanin (27-4, 18 KOs) perhaps had the best intentions in the world, but the heavyweight from Serbia is absolutely not part of the world elite. It took Makhmudov (19-1, 18 KOs) a little less than two rounds to prove it on Saturday at the Gervais Auto Center in Shawinigan.

Presented in the semi-final of the super-middleweight clash between Christian Mbilli and Mark Heffron, this heavyweight duel reminded everyone of Makhmudov’s great power.

In the first round, Marc Ramsay’s protégé almost sent Rovcanin outside the ring. A violent left left the Serb stunned on his feet. The next right sent him to the mat. Rovcanin took a long look toward his corner, where he was being told to keep calm.

Rovcanin never regained his senses and the break did little to allow him to fight on equal terms. After avoiding the worst for most of the round, a right hook hit him in the side of the head and the Serb fell violently into the cables, unable to get up before the count of 10.

All smiles, Makhmudov celebrated with his corner in the ring. The first step in this return to the big fights in the division has been successfully completed.

Mathieu impressive

Wilkens Mathieu (9-0, 6 KOs) vs Przemyslaw Gorgon (17-13-2, 6 KOs). Competed at 172 pounds, Wilkens appears to have the power to hold his own at light heavyweight. He also sent the Pole to the mat with a solid right uppercut to the face launched in a sneaky counterattack. Gorgon entered the fight without being able to defend himself and found himself on the canvas.

In the second, after two solid right hooks to the head, Gorgon preferred to kneel on the ground. Before the round ended, Mathieu almost sent him through the cables, earning a third count for the Pole.

It was finally in the fourth that Mathieu finished the job, sending Gorgon to the mat twice. The second time, Albert Pafulo Jr. did not even offer a count to the Jaworzno pugilist, stopping the fight after 38 seconds of action.

Mathieu, who barely got hit in the fight, seems better every time he steps into the ring. Does Mike Moffa have a future champion on his hands?

Mehmet Unal (10-0, 8 KOs) also delighted the crowd by stopping the American of Mexican origin Rodolfo Gomez Jr. (14-8-3, 10 KOs) in the fourth round.

After being badly shaken in his corner, Gomez could not regain his senses sufficiently for the taste of referee Martin Forest, who ended the hostilities after 2:17.

Gomez, stopped for the first time in his career, did not appreciate Forest’s decision and made it known to him in the ring.

Guerrero expeditious

Christopher Guerrero (11-0, 6 KOs) took no time to defeat the American Kenny Larson (7-2-1, 5 KOs). Guerrero first sent Larson into the ropes with a solid right hook, followed by a left to the head.

After an eight count, Larson went on the attack. It hurt him. Guerrero trapped him with a left hook to the head. Referee Alain Villeneuve was about to intervene when a right hand finished the job.

The midweight scored his sixth knockout. at exactly 2:16 of the first round.

Moreno Fendero (6-0, 4 KOs) dominated his fight against the average Argentinian veteran Rolando Mansilla (19-15-1, 9 KOs), who used all his experience to avoid falling to the floor.

Fendero had the upper hand in all rounds and received scores of 60-54 from two judges. The third gave a 10-8 round for a total of 60-53 and a unanimous decision victory.

Gaumont was hot

Alexandre Gaumont (11-0, 7 KOs) and Santiago Fernandez (8-1-1, 4 KOs) offered one of the best fights of the evening.

Gaumont, however, got his money’s worth in this very hotly contested duel. Middleweight Buckingham notably found himself in trouble following a solid left hook to the face in the fourth. Ditto in the fifth, when he was saved by the bell following a percussive right to the head.

However, he recovered in the final rounds, which allowed him to win by split decision. He obtained the favor of two judges, 78-74 and 77-75; Fernandez received a 78-74; a decision which was criticized in the Gervais Auto Center.

Jhon Orobio (9-0, 8 KOs) already has a fight planned for June 6 and he did not want to hang around against the Argentinian Alexis Gabriel Camejo (8-3-2, 1 KO .). The latter, however, demonstrated his excellent qualities as a boxer, while the Colombian, protected by Marc Ramsay, gave him absolutely every shot in his arsenal, hitting him several times solidly.

Camejo will be able to boast of having been the first not to be knocked out. by Orobio, who simply ran out of time. The Argentinian was content to receive without giving, except for a brief moment in the fourth, where the two boxers exchanged without protecting themselves, to the great pleasure of the crowd. Unanimous decision of 40-36 on all three cards for Orobio.



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