Football: While waiting for the Cup final, Servette beats Lugano B

While waiting for the Cup final, Servette beats Lugano B

Published: 05/25/2024, 10:32 p.m.

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Make no mistake: the dress rehearsal was of course not one. At best, this Lugano – Servette for butter, which preceded the Swiss Cup final by a week, will have been a lying poker game between Mattia Croci-Torti and René Weiler; at worst, this last meeting of the season will have been nothing more than a dull match because there is nothing at stake. The score? A 0-2 victory for Servette with a double from Jérémy Guillemenot. No change in the ranking of course, Lugano finished runner-up to Young Boys and Servette was third.

No one will remember this duel. Everyone will remember that of Sunday June 2 at Wankdorf, Cup at stake this time. Selective memory against a background of prestige. For Servette, a place in the final had been awaited for 23 years. So obviously, in the meantime, this Cornaredo meeting was only identical to the poster.

No more. Not even the chosen starters on both sides. In this little game, Croci-Torti has shuffled all the cards. At kick-off, among the Lugan people, Saipi, Steffen, Celar, Grgic, Bislimi, Belhadj or Valenzuela were missing on the field. Weiler didn’t go that far in his choices, but he rested Antunes and Douline and put Frick or Rouiller on the bench.

Consequence: lack of automatisms among the Ticinese, which Servette, in a 4-2-3-1, hastened to exploit. At the forefront of the garnet attack, it was Jérémy Guillemenot who immediately responded, from the 4th minute of play, on a cross from Stevanovic. Good for spirit? Better than that: in the 52nd minute, he doubled the lead.

Waiting for June 2

With an injured Crivelli and a Nishimura who is far from bringing everything that was expected after a good debut in garnet (until his missed penalty in Winterthur in fact…), Weiler has a scorer who is smiling again and that’s is indeed the main lesson of this victory, especially since Guillemenot walks with confidence. He has scored 8 goals this season in the league, despite average playing time: if he had received more minutes from Weiler…?

That said, there is no need to draw plans: without forcing, Servette showed himself superior to a Lugano B, but next Sunday, it will not be the same music. It will be another Lugano, much more concerned and talented with the return of the usual starters. It will also have to be a Servette ready for this.

Croci-Torti prepared for the shock of June 2 by shaking up its entire squad; Weiler with more parsimonious choices, to keep the rhythm, to gain confidence perhaps. In Bern, in a week, there will be a winner and a loser. Liar or not, poker proves right the one who wins the bet.

Daniel Visentini has been a journalist for the Sport Center since 2018. He was the head of the Sports section of the Tribune de Genève for seven years. He closely follows football news, particularly that of Servette FC and the Swiss team.More informations

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