Renaud Lavoie is not shy: André Tourigny targeted by the journalist

Renaud Lavoie was simply scathing in criticizing André Tourigny, and it is clear that he was right all along.

Tourigny blatantly failed by not using Connor Bedard enough, and it cost Canada dearly, eliminated by Switzerland in the semi-final of the World Hockey Championship in Czechia.

When you have a team as talented as Canada’s, a defeat against Switzerland is unacceptable. However, Tourigny made the mistake of favoring veterans to the detriment of Bedard, a young prodigy, despite being the first choice in the last draft, who was largely underused throughout the tournament.

This strategic choice proved disastrous when Tourigny decided to play Bedard too late in the match, allowing Switzerland to take the lead and eliminate Canada from the race for the final.

Renaud Lavoie was particularly outraged by the fact that Connor Bedard is one of the least used attackers by Canada since the start of the championship.

“When you have a first choice at the last auction who ends up as 13th attacker against Slovakia. Not against Team USA, against Slovakia…” he lamented.

This decision seemed incomprehensible, especially since Bedard had proven his talent by collecting an assist in this match, where Canada triumphed 6 to 3. And he was the most dominant player in the semi-final against the Swiss.

Lavoie pointed out that Tourigny’s inability to maximize Bedard’s use, even against less formidable teams, reflected poor resource management and a lack of strategic vision.

Ultimately, this conservative approach deprived Canada of a chance in the final, an opportunity that would have been within reach with bolder, smarter management of the team’s talent.

Criticism of Lavoie not only focused on the Slovakia game, but also the entire tournament, where Bedard was regularly underutilized.

This caused frustration among many English-speaking Canadian journalists and fans who saw Bedard as a potential key to the team’s success.

Renaud Lavoie’s criticism of André Tourigny turns out to be justified. Tourigny “shocked” by not using Connor Bedard optimally, which cost Canada a place in the final of the World Hockey Championship.

This situation hurts André Tourigby underlines his shortcomings as he lacked strategic and daring management of the talents at hand, especially when we have a player as exceptional as Bedard and a team as tempting as Canada.

Renaud Lavoie deserves praise for having the courage to criticize André Tourigny, a coach often favored in the Quebec media.

Tourigny, usually praised for his work with the Arizona Coyotes (now the Utah team), is a recurring figure on radio and television shows, where he frequently speaks about his methods and philosophy of coaching.

This media presence has earned him an image as a competent and respected coach, rarely questioned by his peers or sports journalists.

However, Lavoie did not hesitate to break this omerta by pointing out Tourigny’s blatant errors during the World Hockey Championship.

It took courage to attack such a popular figure, especially in a context where Tourigny enjoys great sympathy and almost unconditional support in the Quebec media landscape.

By criticizing the management of Connor Bedard, Lavoie demonstrated his journalistic integrity and his dedication to honest and rigorous analysis of hockey, without being influenced by friendships or established reputations. Especially since he works at TVA Sports and BPM Sports, where Tourigny also collaborates.

He highlighted a crucial issue: the importance of making bold decisions, of having courage and not being afraid to involve young people, even at the risk of contravening established international conventions, where Veterans have priority most of the time.

This criticism from Lavoie, although harsh, was necessary to remind us that even the most respected coaches are not immune to error and must be held accountable for their choices.

It is a failure for Tourigny. In Canada, it’s gold or nothing…



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