Corsica Cup: Squadra Corsa wins and retains its title!

The meeting began under the smoke of smoke bombs and a banner “ Accept Corsica in UEFA » ! The quest for recognition by UEFA and European authorities is gaining ground, it is now spreading in the stands.
Subsequently, the Corsican formation entered escorted by a hundred children, bandere in hand, to sing in unison the anthem of Diu vi Salvi Regina.

From the kick-off, Yannick Cahuzac’s men imposed their domination. A sterile possession, until the opening in depth of Remy Cabella on the Sporting striker, Benjamin Santelli, who sends a pass for another turchinu, Félix Tomi, who only has to push the ball deep nets (10th minute). The squadra leads and develops its game plan, without creating real opportunities. From a corner, Rémy Cabella places the ball on the head of Lucas Pellegrini who finds the amount of the Saint-Martinois goalkeeper. Despite a fighting spirit, the Saint-Martin selection was overwhelmed and folded a second time following a restart error in the 38th minute. The bianch’è neri double the lead through Benjamin Santelli, on a 25-meter lob! A goal which will not destroy the hopes of the West Indians, they will reduce the score in added time of the 1st period through an own goal from Thomas Berenguier.

During the second half, the game will be more balanced and the pace less sustained on the squadra side. The Saint-Martin residents will try to go on the offensive, without real success. From the 70th minute, the legs are much heavier, both sides start to struggle physically. Lille attacking midfielder Remy Cabella to volley at the edge of the area. The latter will not worry the opposing goalkeeper. The score remained intact until the final whistle, synonymous with a second success in the Corsica Cup for Squadra Corsa. With one more line in the prize list, island footballers can go on vacation with peace of mind.

The Squadra Corsa and the Corsica Cup trophy © Radio France
Alexandre Antonini

The match sheet

Squadra Corsa – Saint Martin 2-1

Ange Casanova Stadium (approximately 2,000 spectators)

Referee: Mr. Florent Batta

Goals: Tomi (10th), Santelli (38th) for the Corsica selection, Berenquier (45th csc) for Saint-Martin.

Squadra Corsa: Quilicchini Pianelli, Berenguier Roncaglia, Vincent (Grimaldi, 90th), Pellegrini, Finidori, Strata, Cabella, Tomi (then Fosse, 70th), Santelli, trainer: Yannick Cahuzac

Saint Martin: Raphose (Etienne, 46th) Richardson, Peterson, Babel, Amiens, Smith (Bad, 65th), Warsaw, Vardin, Marchal, Arne (Peters, 78th), Segarel, coach:
Stéphane Auvray



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