The last farewell tour of the BBH against Besançon

The tiny hope of a title was (very) short-lived on Saturday evening for the BBH. At the same time, Metz secured its trophy from the start of the match, in the first ten minutes (7-3, final score: 36-22) on home soil against Plan-de-Cuques. The Brestoises were scared in front of a large audience who came to wish good luck to their departing protégés. Facing them, a conquering team from Besançon, not coming to make up the numbers.

If the match seemed to be won for almost 45 minutes, the Bisontines came back and even led to provide an unbreathable end to the match. Surely petrified by the end of the adventure for most of the players present on the field but also the Brest staff, Pablo Morel and Damien Nédélec in the lead, the Brestoises were not able to offer themselves a final success of the season and left with an anecdotal draw. But the Arena still celebrated its players as it should. At the final whistle, applauded by an entire population, the Brestoises were able to release the pressure of an eventful season, a time on all fronts and ultimately without a title.

The starters celebrated

A guard of honor formed by the remaining members celebrated those leaving. With Alicia Toublanc at the head, in tears, trained at the club and who has known everything with the club in the city of Ponant. Bouquet of flowers, souvenir frame and bag of goodies in hand, she was comforted by her long-time president Gérard Le Saint: “Thank you Alicia, don’t cry too much, we will see each other again, thank you for everything and see you soon. »

Pablo Morel and Gérard Le Saint. (Photo Jean-Michel Louarn)

Then paraded, Hawa N’Diaye, Aïssatou Kouyaté, Merel Freriks, Djina Jaukovic, Elisa Técher, Shandi Barbosa, captain Jenny Carlson, all receiving a standing ovation. Constance Mauny, at the club since 2018, entered the track miming a wave, covered by another wave of applause. Valeriia Maslova, Julie Foggea and the staff, with Damien Nédélec and Pablo Morel did not escape their moment of emotion.

Darleux moved

It was Cléopatre Darleux who closed the farewell ball. Approved as a “legend”, she was already unable to contain her emotion when she entered the game in the 43rd minute. Her four saves were greeted by an entire audience aware of losing their favorite, one of the greatest players in the club’s history. She took time and took advantage of her ovation before receiving thanks from her president: “You were not spared from injuries. Thank you for everything you have done. »

Invited to give the final words, the Olympic champion greeted her audience, a bit moved. “A word to thank you from the bottom of my heart. For all the love you have given me all these years. Since 2016, I have had ups and downs. The main thing is to always get back up. I thank all my family and friends. » Before concluding with a short sentence on a possible end of career to come. “I will be able to celebrate my weekends with you more. » With Toublanc, Darleux is the one who stayed on the floor of the Arena the longest, at the time of closing a final chapter.

The BBH group. (Photo Jean-Michel Louarn)


Spectators: 4,200.

BREST BRETAGNE HANDBALL: Darleux (4 saves on 12 shots), Foggea (11/30) – Toublanc (2 goals on 7 shots), Mauny (⅖), Lassource (½), Faure (1/1), Techer (⅓), Kouyaté (0 /3), Foppa (5/5), N’Diaye (½), Carlson (⅗), Coatanéa (2/4), Maslova (7/11), Barbosa (⅖). Coach: Pablo Morel.

Temporary exclusions: Barbosa (46′), Kouyaté (52′), Toublanc (59′).

BESANCON: Lerstad (3 saves on 7 shots), Hauge (11/34) – Peillon (1 goals on 2 shots), Wajoka (3/7), Frecon-Demouge (2/6), Mairot C. (6/9), Cusset (⅔), Tshimanga (⅔), Mairot J. (4/6), Robert (¾), Zazai (3/6), Corovic, Kingue (¼), Sidicina. Coach: Sébastien Mizoule.

Temporary exclusions: J. Mairot (3′), Cusset (55′).



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