Terrible news for Nick Bobrov: his world is falling apart

The worst news has just fallen for Nick Bobrov, the recruiting director of the Montreal Canadiens.

Bobrov wholeheartedly hoped that Ivan Demidov, the Russian prodigy, would slide up to 5th place, allowing the Montreal Canadiens to get their hands on this exceptional talent. But his hopes have just been dashed.

The scenario seemed playable, especially if the Hawks opted for a defender in the 2nd row. However, even in this configuration, the situation became desperate for Bobrov.

Indeed, it is now certain that the Columbus Blue Jackets will select Demidov 4th overall if he is available.

This certainty stems from the recent appointment of Don Waddell as general manager of the Blue Jackets. The rumor is already circulating insistently across the league to the point of becoming a guaranteed reality: Waddell is determined to bring Demidov to Columbus.

For Nick Bobrov, it’s a hard blow. He has just had the rug pulled out from under him, seeing the possibility of adding Demidov to the Canadian’s lineup disappear.

However, all is not lost. There is still Cayden Lindstrom as the last hope to save this draft. If Lindstrom does not meet the Canadian’s expectations, Bobrov will have to consider trading for the 5th overall pick.

Two options then emerge: either acquire an established player capable of immediately helping the team (Trevor Zegras), or go down in the draft to obtain several future picks and thus consolidate the long-term prospects of the team.

In any case, the task promises to be difficult for Bobrov. His dream just came crashing down today. Waddell has just shattered his dream.

For Nick Bobrov, this situation could well be the result of a stroke of karma. After all, if last year he had taken the risk of selecting Matvei Michkov instead of David Reinbacher, today he would be looking for a right-handed defender rather than a prodigy striker like Ivan Demidov.

Karma is merciless. Bobrov made a cautious choice in choosing Reinbacher, a solid, defensive, but charmless defender, rather than Michkov, whose offensive potential is immense but who carried more uncertainties.

By opting for safety, he may have compromised the Montreal Canadiens’ chances of acquiring a player with exceptional talent, both this year and last year.

Now, seeing Demidov slip away from him, Bobrov must face the consequences of his past decisions.

This irony only adds to the frustration of Bobrov and the Canadian’s fans. While Demidov will join Chicago or Columbus, Bobrov must think about his next actions.

Cayden Lindstrom remains a more than interesting option, but the disappointment is still evident with Bobrov.

If the young forward does not meet the Canadian’s expectations, Bobrov will have no choice but to trade the 5th overall pick for an established player or to obtain multiple draft picks and/or a top prospect by going down to draft.

The lesson is clear: in the cutthroat world of the NHL, every decision counts, and karma can strike at any time.

Nick Bobrov and the Montreal Canadiens must now navigate carefully to maximize remaining opportunities and hope that their future choices are blessed with luck and talent.

One thing is certain: we must forget Demidov for the moment…



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