Gounouilhou Trophy: Saint-Cloud and Cannes-Mougins in the final

First to set off this morning, the Ile-de-France neighbors of Saint Cloud And Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche had all the difficulty in the world to decide between themselves, and made the suspense last until the very end of the day, well after the second semi-final ended. Tied at the end of the foursomes, won by Maxence Mugnier And Sailor of Harcourt (5&4) for the Greens, and by Adrien Pendaries And Oscar Couilleau (1 up) for the Navy Blue, the two teams engaged in an epic duel during the afternoon singles.

If Callixte Alzas brought the first point to his team by dominating Pendaries on the 18th green, Édouard Cereto put the two teams back on level terms, 3&2 against d’Harcourt. Tom de Herrypon then won his match at 18 against Martin Piedelièvre to give the advantage to the Nonnais-Bretêchois, but the two other matches, not yet completed, went into the play-off.

In the first, Mugnier managed to survive five play-off holes, and ended up winning against Paul Franquet at the 24th with a putt for par at a good 3 meters. A few seconds later, on the green next to hole No. 4, Nicolas Foschia overcame Couilleau by also making a huge putt to save his par! “It was trying, there was a lot of tension at the end! »says Foschia. “I knew it was close up front and I was really focused on my match because I knew it would be important. I found myself several times in a very delicate position against Oscar, who plays very well and was very strong. Even when I was 3 up at the start of the game, I knew I was potentially in danger. From the 16th, I put myself in a bubble and no longer spoke to anyone. I knew it was going to be on me right at the end, and that gave me a little boost, that’s obvious. This outcome, with Maxence winning 45 seconds before me, was really great! »

Victorious 4-3, the Clodal club will have the opportunity this Sunday to raise the Gounouilhou trophy for the sixth time in history, two years after their success at Pont-Royal. A final that they will approach without complexes, as Nicolas Foschia indicates: “We are a team of veterans. Everyone, except Callixte, has already won a Gounouilhou, we all have experience, and that plays a big role in this type of tournament. You have to know how to take good shots when you need to, and with age you might get a little better at it. »



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