“I found myself sad, but so sad. I didn’t know how to tell my parents about it.”



“Every little thing makes me feel big. The first time I stayed home alone, on a Wednesday afternoon in the middle of fourth grade; when, in CM2, we went to school alone with my friends or when I looked after my beloved sister, who is two years younger. Entry into 6e was less complicated than I thought. I was worried about my schedule, because I am in class at flexible times. I have been practicing athletics since I was 8 years old in clubs and in competitions. But, changing rooms, subjects, teachers and combining classes with my four training sessions per week, it was great. I wanted it and I was there.

In 5e, all of a sudden, the gaze of others took up a lot of space: what did they think of me? What were people saying about me? I became very shy and didn’t participate much in class. That year was also marked by the death of a loved one. It upset me. I was very sad, I didn’t sleep well, but I continued to give the image of someone who is doing well, who keeps smiling. Then the 4e was very difficult: a lot of homework, a lot of sports, a lot of pressure, a lot of everything, in fact! I cried whenever I was alone.

I found myself drowning, sad, but so sad. I didn’t know how to tell my parents about it. I finally wrote them a letter telling them that, since the 5e, it wasn’t going well, I was crying all the time, I had lost confidence in myself. I placed it on their bed one evening, asking them to read it together, but not to come into my room after reading it. Obviously, they came! It was a very strong moment.

My parents support me in everything. I like that they take care of me, even if, with my mother, we often get into disagreements over small things, and because she wants me to succeed in school. Everything came together. I saw a psychologist for a few sessions. It was so weird talking about myself to someone I didn’t know. I feel much better since then, as if a weight had been lifted off me. I no longer have to hide how I feel. I found joy again.

“Networks sell dreams”

Since my return to school in 3e, I concentrate on the patent and on my notes. I manage pressure better and I have changed my organization when I have my training: on Tuesday and Friday, I reserve myself so that I can work on my classes, and on Wednesday, after my homework, I go to the stadium and give it my all. If my level of sport drops a little, it’s no longer as serious as before. But above all, I cry less.

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